MW3 devs deny RICOCHET anti-cheat was ever taken 'offline'

MW3 devs deny RICOCHET anti-cheat was ever taken 'offline'
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Alex Garton


22nd Feb 2024 14:20

With cheaters running rampant, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are in a tough spot at the moment when it comes to bad actors using third-party software in matches.

While it's always been present, it's become particularly severe over the last few weeks, with competitors running into hackers constantly.

So, the community was up in arms when cheat makers claimed Activision had temporarily switched off RICOCHET. This was the alleged reason for the uptick of cheaters running rampant over the past seven days.

Now, the devs have responded by claiming that RICOCHET was never switched "offline," and have even revealed that a recent ban wave has significantly decreased the hacking population.

Call of Duty devs deny RICOCHET was ever taken "offline"

As showcased by the popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone, the MW3 devs have denied rumours spread by cheat developers that RICOCHET was switched offline. Instead, they revealed that a "single telemetry system" was temporarily disabled to add "upgrades" over the weekend.

According to them, this did not compromise the standard system at all. While some players are glad RICOCHET wasn't inactive, others think this news is a bad look for Activision - as for them, it proves the anit-cheat is just sub-par.

"If they are admitting their anti-cheat was never off, then that just proves how bad of an anti-cheat RICOCET is."

Activision announces ban wave in response to countless cheaters in MW3

Ban wave MW3
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There is some good news, though, with Activision revealing that the upgrades over the weekend have had a heavy impact on cheaters.

Due to the "purposeful reactivation" of the "upgraded system," over 6000 accounts were banned for hacking between February 16 and February 20.

Alongside this, the game code for the limited-time perks that were allowing hackers to use super speed has also been disabled.

Only time will tell how much of a difference this makes, but it's, at the very least, an improvement over last week's cheater-filled multiplayer.

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