MW3 could be in trouble thanks to CoD audio being ‘worse than ever’

MW3 could be in trouble thanks to CoD audio being ‘worse than ever’
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Joseph Kime


7th Sep 2023 15:15

There's no doubt that there are a wealth of problems for players in Call of Duty. Whether it be the impending AI chat moderation takeover, or the persistent bugs, glitches, and cheaters making their home in Warzone, there's always something worth complaining about.

With CoD destined to drop a game every year instead of focussing on creating an experience that's a little more ironed out, we've got used to most of these grumbles. Still, a persistent problem continues to frustrate fans, and they're looking to Modern Warfare 3, claiming that the franchise's audio has never been worse.

Call of Duty fans complain about franchise's audio

Disgruntled gamers have taken to the internet to complain that Call of Duty's audio problems have never been more prevalent, with many feeling that footstep noises aren't as obvious as they should be, and in other cases, much too loud, to be fair.

"This is now a core gameplay issue," says one user in a post to the Warzone subreddit. "Entire squads can roll up on you in dead silence. People can land on your head with no sound. Almost every time I'm killed, It's usually from someone right behind me or someone sprinting alongside next to me in complete silence."

They're begging for help, asking, "If anyone has figured out how to fix this, let me know. If not, I'll go back to Halo." There's plenty to complain about with modern Call of Duty, but even though this is a first, it's perfectly valid.

For some time now, perks that silence footsteps and make players more sneaky have been useless, with the game's audio balancing being so off-kilter.

Fans react to calls to fix Call of Duty's audio

The main cast of characters from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
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"Every time they say they improve sound, it's worse," says one user in the comments, admitting that there's much to be desired when it comes to CoD's audio department. Someone even joked, "Wait! There are footsteps in this game???"

"That's why they're putting in silent footsteps as a perk in mw3," adds another. "Since audio doesn't work anyways it won't take any work on their end." It's not a good look for the franchise to have gone so long with these issues remaining so forward-facing - but then again, we've survived so far without having to change anything.

We wouldn't be surprised if CoD's audio problems don't get touched until the launch of MW3, if you're picking up. If you've claimed you won't play it until it's fixed, it might be time to put your money where your mouth is.

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