MW2 players celebrate new ‘Jesus’ Operator skin

MW2 players celebrate new ‘Jesus’ Operator skin
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Alex Garton


30th May 2023 12:55

Cosmetics have become a massive part of Modern Warfare 2, with the devs releasing new Operator appearances to the store on a regular basis.

These skins are not always well-received, with the recent Rat Pack bundle being slammed for encouraging camping and others being criticised for turning CoD into a 'circus'.

However, there are some cases where new Operator skins are celebrated by players in Call of Duty, and the new Age of the Viking bundle is certainly getting a lot of attention.

It's not because players are stunned by the design or the immense attention to detail, it's because one of the Operators looks like 'Jesus'.

New MW2 Operator skin looks like 'Jesus'

They added Jesus to cod
by u/UnknownBot21 in ModernWarfareII

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user u/UnknownBot21 pointed out that the new Age of the Viking Operator skin looks like 'Jesus.'

This sparked a massive amount of responses from the community, mainly poking fun about the idea of Jesus being added to CoD. One player joked, 'It's up to my Father, God, to forgive you, but it's up to me to introduce you to him.'

Another claimed this is their 'first time spending coins and I ain't sorry,' and one user even joked that this is a 'counter to the sin and demon skins.'

While the majority of the community found it funny, some players have argued the skin is in 'poor taste' and is disrespectful. Either way, it's certainly roused a huge reaction from CoD fans, so it'll be interesting to see how many people buy the bundle.

How much is the Age of the Viking bundle in MW2?

Age of the Viking Bundle
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Courtesy Activision

If you're looking to purchase the Age of the Viking Modern Warfare 2 bundle, it's available in the store for 2,400 CoD points. The bundle includes two Operator skins, two vehicle skins, two weapon blueprints, a weapon sticker, and an emblem.

As Call of Duty becomes more like Fortnite every day in terms of pop culture crossovers, we never thought we'd see 'Jesus' parachuting down onto Al Mazrah.

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