MW2 players are ‘addicted’ to a new game mode

MW2 players are ‘addicted’ to a new game mode
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Jack Marsh


22nd May 2023 17:20

After months of begging for content for Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward clutched up in Season 3 and the Reloaded update, adding a string of entertaining game modes to change the temperature of the tepid arcade shooter.

Having added Plunder to Warzone and dragged out Faceoff from the 12-year-old archives for Modern Warfare 2, there has been plenty to chomp into this season.

But, one most recent addition has really stirred up a fuss, as MW2 fans are becoming addicted to Giant Infected.

Modern Warfare 2 players are becoming 'addicted' to Giant Infection

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Played on Ground War maps, Giant Infected takes the usual 24-player game mode and runs it through the pack-a-punch machine. This dials up the action to where there are up to 50 players darting through the map with a knife in hand, looking to turn you against your sworn brothers.

After being introduced earlier this season, Modern Warfare 2 fans have been testing its parameters and given its huge nuke potential, it now seems that they are loving it. Loving it so much that they are now "addicted."

Taking to a popular Reddit thread, one fan admitted their "addiction" to the game mode, which resonated with like-minded party-games enthusiasts who have all taken a liking to it. Someone else cheered, "I hadn’t played it yet… but after watching this I sure will, this looks fun as hell."

A third concluded, "It's all I've been playing since they took out Shipment 24/7 and finished the battlepass. Just hate all the cheaters. It's pretty chill and you can level up fast in some matches, but man those map exploits."

MW2 fans love Giant Infection despite the game-breaking bugs

anyone else addicted to giant infection? 😅
by u/afookinglegend in ModernWarfareII

There is a catch to Giant Infected, as players are abusing exploits on the Santa Sena map. There's no surprise there, especially given that map's status - which is deterring some players. 

"I tried one game and all the survivors were inside a wall impossible to be touched. Until they make this game functional, I don't think I'll be playing it," said someone else. Sure, Giant Infected has a few teething problems, but if you're looking for something fun to play, we don't think you can beat it!

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