MW2 fans frustrated with 'absurd amount of cheaters' ruining matches

MW2 fans frustrated with 'absurd amount of cheaters' ruining matches
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Alex Garton


11th Sep 2023 15:45

While getting taken down by a skilled enemy player is never fun in Moder Warfare 2, nothing is more frustrating than dying to a cheater.

Although hackers have always been a problem in Call of Duty, there's been a huge influx in recent months. While the RICOCHET anti-cheat does its best to combat these bad actors, third-party software is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced.

As a result, the MW2 community has voiced their frustration over the "absurd amount of cheaters" ruining the multiplayer experience.

MW2 fans complain there are more hackers than ever before

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user Invictus_Aeterna asked if anyone else in the community had noticed the "absurd amount of cheaters" running around in their games.

According to them, they've noticed very few aimbotters, but are constantly getting killed by enemies with wallhacks and "constant UAV."

This sparked a massive amount of replies from fellow players, who are tired of being pre-aimed and insta-killed by bad actors in MW2.

"Yes I see killcam where I get tracked through a wall pretty much every game," said one user, with another arguing, "The cheating is out of control, it's game breaking."

MW2 players claim TikTok is being used to advertise cheats

MW2 Cheats
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One of the reasons why third-party software is so prevalent in CoD is because of how much the hacks are advertised to players on social media.

According to some users, they've seen multiple adverts for cheats on TikTok, demonstrating how much power the cheats offer in-game. "I see them all on TikTok advertising all the cheat software… nobody takes down even if reported."

Activision has already made it clear that Modern Warfare 3 in November will bring significant improvements to RICOCHET. However, for a lot of fans, it's too little too late, with rampant cheating ruining the MW2 multiplayer experience. With a new game, there's sure to be another influx of cheats. 

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