Everything you need to know from the Season 4 Battle Pass

07:30, 11 Jun 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, Modern Warfare Season 4 is now live. After much anticipation, with delays due to good causes, Season 4 is available to download, although with a huge update size. 

With the update comes the Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass, and with that comes an array of new emblems, calling cards, weapon blueprints, vehicle camos, finishing moves, Operator skins, and a new Operator; Captain Price. The Battle Pass comes in at 1600 CoD points, which you could have earnt from season 3, or can be purchased from the store for £16.79

Here's everything that is in the Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass:

Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 1-5

Tiers 1 through 5 will give you access to Captain Price, a Rodeon skin, a musical horn for vehicles, and weapon variants for your melee weapon and the 1911 pistol.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 6-14

Tiers 6-14 will see you get your hands on an MP7 variant as well as a vehicle skin and a very bushy operator skin; Urzikstan SSG 1.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 15-23

The next eight tiers will see you be rewarded with the Vector. The new SMG named 'Fennec' is a variant of the Vector of previous Call of Duty titles which is new to Season 4. Alongside this you can get a PKM and FN Scar blueprint, a finishing move and a Talon skin.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 24-32

The next brand new weapon is available at level 31. You will be rewarded with the Galil, now named the 'CR-56 AMAX'. The assault rifle that primarily feature in Black Ops one is here to rival the M4A1 as the best assault rifle. Tier 27 will also see you get a blueprint for the VLK Rogue Shotgun.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 33-41

Tier 35 will reward you with the first of two variants for the Kar98K, along with a watch with the mini map on it at tier 34, a M19 blueprint at 38, and an Azur skin at tier 40.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 42-50

Between tier 42 and 50 you will receive two more blueprints, one for the Uzi and one for the M19 pistol. The halfway mark will also give you a Lagunari I operator skin.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 51-59

As you step over halfway, you are rewarded with three weapon skins. The M13, .50 GS pistol and Kar98K all get a blueprint before tier 59.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 60-68

The notable rewards in this section of the Season 4 battle pass is the P90 blueprint and an operator skin for Alice.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 69-77

One of the better rewards from the battle pass comes at tier 75, where you unlock a 'rising from the ashes' vehicle skin which looks awesome on choppers. Furthermore at tiers 71 and 76 you unlock a second blueprint for the PKM and an EBR variant, respectively.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 78-86

To go alongside Captain Price, you can earn a cigar weapon charm which looks incredible on the Silver Fox Vector (Fennec) variant, which you unlock at this stage too. the HDR skin at tier 81 is the only sniper variant in the Season 4 Battle Pass.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 87-95

As you enter the latter stages of the Season 4 Battle Pass, you will get your hands on an Origin 12 and Bruen MK9 blueprint, and a first operator skin for Season 3 newbie Iskra.


Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass Tier 100

As expected, the Tier 100 reward is a Captain Price Operator skin. In his gear that we have become so acclamitaised to over the years, the skin 'Nightfall' is a brilliant reward for the final tier. Tier 100 will also give you an awesome Galil (CR-56 AMAX) blueprint, a vehicle skin and the Season 4 emblem.


That's everything from the Modern Warfare Season 4 Battle Pass, which is now live. 

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Season 4 updates and guides.

Images via in-game screenshots | Call of Duty | Activision

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