Modern Warfare 3 has a morbid MW2 (2009) Easter egg

Modern Warfare 3 has a morbid MW2 (2009) Easter egg
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Joseph Kime


4th Dec 2023 13:05

The timelines might be a little jumbled, but the distance between the modern and classic Modern Warfare titles have been, for the most part, established.

To begin with, it was pretty confusing, with nobody really knowing what would carry over into a rebooted Modern Warfare. But now, we all seem to get the gist. It's not like we were playing the critically maligned campaign of Modern Warfare 3 anyway, but it's certainly good to know.

It looks like there are a few little outliers - and some of them are a little more gnarly than you might imagine.

Modern Warfare 3 features a brutal MW2 Easter egg

We could have expected that there would be some tasty Easter eggs peppered across Modern Warfare 3 that reference the wider franchise, and one of them points towards perhaps one of the most iconic moments in the entire series.

Redditor u/nothing_in has taken to the MW3 subreddit and unveiled a corker of an Easter egg. When looking around in the remastered Rust map, players can find a skull semi-buried in the sand. Its jaw is hanging wide-open and there's a military blade in its left eye. Look familiar?

We'd hope it does - the Easter egg is seemingly a reference to the final moments of Modern Warfare 2 (spoilers!), in which Soap MacTavish finishes off the traitor General Shepherd with a thrown knife in the face.

We can imagine it's a pretty ruthless way to go, but looking at the skull itself, and how far into the skull the knife pokes, it seems perhaps more painful than we'd imagined when we first pressed the button to throw the blade at Shepherd. Brutal.

MW3 fans wonder if the average fan has played MW2

Ghost's iconic skull mask from Modern Warfare II.
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The Easter Egg itself is a fun nod to a classic moment, but it has caused a wider discussion, as many fans are taking to the comments to wonder if the average player of Modern Warfare 3 has even played the game that the Easter egg references, as it originally launched in 2009.

"Average cod player is 12, do you think they really played MW2 from 14 years ago?" asks one user. "I‘ve met so many 30+ year old cod players who talk about how they’ve played ‘forever‘ but know NOTHING about anything earlier than BO2," adds another.

It's a compelling argument, but either way, the Modern Warfare 3 Easter egg is certainly a nice touch. Even if it makes us wince a bit.

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