Modern Warfare 3 isn’t the worst Call of Duty, a Black Ops title is

Modern Warfare 3 isn’t the worst Call of Duty, a Black Ops title is

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Jack Marsh


29th Nov 2023 17:36

Although Modern Warfare 3 has now clawed its way back with a healthy multiplayer experience, setting post-pandemic records for player retention, the overall game has been obliterated in the reviews.

So much so that Modern Warfare 3 was cleared as the "worst-ranked" Call of Duty game ever on Metacritic.

Or so we thought.

Call of Duty's worst-ranked game is not Modern Warfare 3

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Modern Warfare 3's critics were justified, the campaign stinks, and it's currently averaging a mere 56 on Metacritic. By comparison, Modern Warfare 2 scored 75, Vanguard 73, Cold War 76, Infinite Warfare 77, and WWII 79. It's a full 15 points and more behind the next-lowest game in the main series.

But there is a title scored lower.

As pointed out by GameRant, there's currently one Call of Duty which scored 33 on Metacritic and has very unfavourable reviews, some of which described the title as "appalling," a "disjointed mess", and "a massive middle-finger to the fans": Black Ops Declassified.

Black Ops Declassified still beats MW3 to Call of Duty's worst game

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Black Ops Declassified is a 2012 title which launched on PlayStation Vita - a portable handheld console which succeeded the PSP - and featured content from Black Ops 1 and 2.

The title contained all of the classic Black Ops characters like Woods and Mason as they worked with the likes of John F. Kennedy to take down Raul Menendez, and a multiplayer experience which worked through the Vita Party App.

Yet, the usually outstanding standards of Black Ops titles clearly wavered, as it scored as low as 0.5/5 by some publications back in 2012, mainly due to its shocking graphics and general gameplay.

Hopefully, with Black Ops 2024 on the horizon, we won't have any similar bumps in the road and we can get back to having Call of Duty in the limelight for the right reasons.

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