Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Is Full Of Easter Eggs

Modern Warfare 2 Reveal Is Full Of Easter Eggs
Images: Infinity Ward

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Joseph Kime


29th Apr 2022 09:08

Don't tell Call of Duty, but we kinda knew about Modern Warfare 2 this whole time.

Leaks and rumours pointed towards a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare since even before Vanguard, and the revelation of the upcoming Warzone 2 came with the reveal that the sequel was on the way anyway.

But in a move of a "pretend you didn't know this" energy, Call of Duty has revealed the logo for Modern Warfare 2 in incredibly dramatic fashion.

But, the logo reveal might have been revealing more than we had expected.

Modern Warfare 2's Logo Reveal Is Rife With Easter Eggs

Though on the surface, the video revealed across the Call of Duty social media channels might just look like the reveal of a predictable logo, it seems there's a lot that's waiting under the surface. Fans have been pointing out secrets that have been hard to miss, and they're pointing towards what could be waiting in store in the game.

Fans have spotted the emblem of Task Force 141, the special ops team that have been a recurring presence in the Modern Warfare series.

It would make sense that the Task Force will be a part of the game, especially as the game's voice actor for Captain Price has been a little cheeky with his tweets - but that's not all, because fans think they've identified a location that could appear in the game too.

Fans Identify Potential Location For Modern Warfare 2

Hidden in the background of the video are a series of coordinates, and fans reckon these could be alluding to the locations of some of Task Force 141's missions in the upcoming game.

Tom Henderson has analysed the coordinates and has shared an image of Singapore, suggesting that this could be what the numbers mean.

The teaser had a lot hidden in it for a simple logo reveal - so maybe there's much more to discern for more teasers that are on the way. Bring them on, and we're looking forward to fans really getting their hands dirty and finding the hidden details hiding beneath the surface.


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