Modern Warfare 2 players are deleting the game after latest update

Modern Warfare 2 players are deleting the game after latest update
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Joseph Kime


31st Aug 2023 11:25

Though it feels like a very similar era, the new chapter of Call of Duty is about to begin. Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner, and fans are getting excited about what the new (old) CoD title could bring with it to the ongoing meta.

There's plenty to explore, but before we can get there, Activision has to do a little housekeeping, rolling out updates to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone to ensure that players and launchers are well prepared for the arrival of the new barnstormer. But many aren't sure that these updates are worth it.

The latest Call of Duty update is over 100GB

The Call of Duty franchise has had a problem with compression regardless, with many of their recent games easily surpassing 100GB for a download. Now, it seems their updates are following suit. Although it's supposed to be around 53GB, there are varying reports that some seem to be reinstalling the entire game.

Sharing their horror to Reddit, players are reporting that the latest Call of Duty Season 5 Reloaded is a monstrous 136GB of storage, and many players aren't sure they're willing to make room for it.

Many can only store a few games on their consoles as it is, with plenty of AAA games refusing to allow fans any storage left over. With updates alone reaching the upper echelons of storage demands, fans are refusing to let this slide anymore.

Fans react to gigantic Call of Duty update

Starfield poster
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"These updates are getting ridiculous," says one fan posting to Reddit. "I literally don't even have the space for an update and I have four games total installed. I just deleted the game because I refuse to dedicate an entire Xbox to just one game.

"What could they possibly be adding that literally doubles the storage requirements of the game? I'm going back to WW2 I guess."

"The latest update deleted the multiplayer-pack and the campaign-pack too. WTF?!" adds another, confirming that the update is practically gutting the game to replace it. A third grumbled, "Idk but I canceled that shit and deleted it I need room for AC6 and Starfield."

Although this has been a problem for a while, it's really becoming a nightmare as we enter another bumper season of video game releases. Starfield is coming, and if you want to play its equally beefy size, you might have to pick between the trenches of MW2 and the cosmos.

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