MissMikkaa's Dog Is Better Than You At Elden Ring

MissMikkaa's Dog Is Better Than You At Elden Ring
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Tom Chapman


17th Jan 2023 14:10

I am Yoshi, here me roar. No, we don't mean Mario's long-suffering steed, but the pet dog of streamer MissMikkaa. While most of us struggle to get out of Limgrave in Elden Ring, MissMikkaa's Shiba Inu is putting us to shame.

There's something about dialing up the difficulty of FromSoftware games and playing them in wild ways that we just can't get enough of. Despite Elden Ring being nearly a year old, streamers won't stop upping the ante.

From the guy that beat Demon's Souls with a pair of Donkey Konga bongos to the woman tackling Elden Ring with a harp, we even saw someone use a Fisher-Price Gamepad as a controller. However, did you ever think you'd be beaten by a dog?

Why Was MissMikkaa's Dog Playing Elden Ring?

This isn't one of those streams where someone dresses their dog up in cute attire and secretly plays the game while hiding under a table. For this one, Yoshi actually played Elden Ring - albeit accidentally.

You might need a bit of a backstory that MissMikkaa has become known for playing Elden Ring on a dance mat. More than just gathering dust in your attic or being a staple of retro arcades, the dance mat is making a comeback.

GamesRadar spotted that when MissMikkaa was AFK, Yoshi stepped onto her dance mat in search of treats. MissMikkaa dipped out of the room at exactly the wrong moment, as her character was facing one of the game's many angry dragons.

Yoshi inadvertently moved her playable character behind a rock, and while it still took some damage, MissMikkaa's tarnished was saved from a fiery death by this winged beast.

Is A Dog Really Better Than You At Elden Ring?

Obviously, ducking behind a rock by accident is a far cry from besting Melania. "Yoshi is the best dog at Elden Ring confirmed," said one fan, while another added, "Next challenge Yoshi vs Elden Ring."

A third said, "Yoshi is without a doubt better at Elden Ring then me! (if I were to try play it)! All thanks to the bestest boi Yoshi! I hope he got some extra treats after saving you."

It looks like Yoshi has been learning from MissMikkaa, who has become something of an Elden Ring juggernaut. Recently, she played two copies of the game (one on a dance pad and the other with a controller), defeating TWO Melanias at once.

In MissMikkaa's "ultimate challenge run," it took three days and 99 tries to defeat this duo of Melanias. Now that Yoshi has had a taste for Elden Ring, let's hope MissMikkaa puts him into training for his own challenge run.

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