YouTuber Beats Demon's Souls Bosses Using Donkey Kong Bongo Drums

YouTuber Beats Demon's Souls Bosses Using Donkey Kong Bongo Drums
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Ford James


21st Dec 2021 13:07

Demon's Souls is one of the most challenging games out there when played normally, especially for newcomers to the souls genre. YouTubers and streamers who are experts in the games often take to setting themselves ridiculous challenges in-game, but one player has elevated it to another level.

How To Play Demon's Souls With DK Bongos


YouTuber Super Louis 64 has somehow managed to hook up the DK Bongo Drum controller - originally designed for the Donkey Konga series on GameCube - to his PS5. The result is that the typically rock-hard game is made much, much more difficult by only having a limited number of inputs and a big, unwieldy, controller in place of a DualSense.

In his video, Super Louis 64 explains that (believe it or not) the DK Bongo Drum is recognised by the PS5 from the off, but the inputs needed assigning separately. He also had two sets of Bongo Drum controllers, for a total of 10 inputs, which is still way less than you'd usually need in a souls game. With this set-up, Super Louis beats both the Vanguard Demon and Tower Knight bosses, although it certainly doesn't look easy.

What Other Games Has Super Louis 64 Played With Weird Stuff?

His channel is all about playing games with funky controllers - he's known as the Controller Bender, after all. Recently, he tackled Final Fantasy 14 with a literal pizza, but not by pressing it... actually eating the pizza is what controlled the game. It was pepperoni, if you were wondering.

He's also beaten Dark Souls with the Ring Fit Adventure RingCon, having to literally exercise to beat enemies. On top of that, he used a Guitar Hero guitar to beat Halo 3 on legendary... Master Chief, eat your heart out.


Ford is the former Guides Editor at GGRecon.

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