Microsoft suggest Warzone and CoD games can run 'without issues' on Nintendo Switch

Microsoft suggest Warzone and CoD games can run 'without issues' on Nintendo Switch
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Jack Marsh


9th Mar 2023 14:23

Shortly after announcing that Microsoft and Nintendo have entered a ten-year agreement to put Call of Duty on Nintendo consoles should the pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard go through, more details have begun to emerge about the partnership.

After initially explaining that they intend to bring the current iteration of Call of Duty games to Nintendo Switch consoles, Microsoft has provided further clarity.

Many gamers predicted that the most recent CoD's would be too advanced to be ported to the Switch, but now Microsoft has defended these claims by saying that they will be able to "run without issues".

Microsoft Claims CoD games will run 'without issues' on Nintendo Switch

In a document that also detailed that Call of Duty: Mobile will be "phased out" in favour of Warzone: Mobile, Microsoft has now doubled down on their intentions to release up-to-date Call of Duty games on Switch, as well as PC and consoles.

Now, the devs have suggested that "optimised" versions of the annual Call of Duty games will be available on Switch, alongside the battle royale juggernaut, Warzone.

The document reads, "The parties are confident that, in addition to Warzone, CoD buy-to-play titles (e.g., Modern Warfare 2), can be optimised to run on the Nintendo Switch in a timely manner."

Warzone 2 and annual Call of Duty games will be optimised for Nintendo Switch

Although the document details Modern Warfare 2 as an example, it's quite certain that the current game will not have time to be spun out before the 2023 annual release arrives for console players, but we could see Sledgehammer Games' next instalment or Treyarch's rumored 2024 Gulf War game added to Nintendo devices.

"The game engine that powers Warzone is mature and has been optimised to run on a wide range of hardware devices," claimed Microsoft, who added that the Nintendo Switch's 2017 console has a more up-to-date performance than the 2015 Xbox One.

Of course, this is all redundant if regulators rule against Microsoft's Activision merger, but they firmly believe Nintendo consoles can run games like Modern Warfare 2 with ease, comparing it to Apex Legends.

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