Metroid Prime Remake Still Coming In 2022 - Claims Nintendo Insider

Metroid Prime Remake Still Coming In 2022 - Claims Nintendo Insider
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Joseph Kime


21st Sep 2022 13:49

Metroid Prime has been at the top of remake wishlists for some time. As Nintendo cycles through consoles that can increasingly provide slick gaming experiences, fans grow more desperate to see a return to Metroid Prime - the FPS Action-Adventure spin on the Metroid series that fans absolutely adored.

Rumours of the series making a return on the Nintendo Switch have swirled for some time, and every time the remake "leaks," it's always debunked. But now, another insider has insisted that the long-rumoured remake is still on the way. Better yet, it will apparently arrive before Christmas. 

Is A Metroid Prime Remake On The Way?

Notorious leaker Jeff Grubb, who was recently wrong about the appearance of remakes based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, has insisted that despite his miss with these games, a remaster of Metroid Prime is still definitely on the way.

Grubb apologised for the fumble in the aptly titled YouTube video "I'm sorry," claiming that Nintendo likely didn't reveal the remakes out of fear that they'd take the wind out of the sails of Tears of the Kingdom.

In spite of the lack of announcement at the recent Nintendo Direct, he asserts that the remakes are still on their way, with Metroid Prime's return in tow too. Whether you want to believe Grubb or not is up to you, but we've been burned now. We're erring on the side of caution.


What's Next For Metroid Prime?

Of course, Samus fans are in luck. Metroid Prime 4 is still on its way after its development was completely restarted. Even though Retro Studios had been hiring a Tools Engineer and Technology Engineer back in January, it was frustrating for fans because it seemed to imply that the studio didn't have a substantial enough team to determine any idea of progress on Metroid Prime 4.

We haven't heard anything since, and we might have to wait a little longer for any info. Who knows when we can expect a remake of Metroid Prime, if we can expect one at all? For all we know, Nintendo could be saving it to even come out after Metroid Prime 4.

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