Nintendo Fans Unimpressed By Metroid Prime 4 Update

Nintendo Fans Unimpressed By Metroid Prime 4 Update
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Joseph Kime


28th Jan 2022 14:14

Metroid Prime was seemingly revealed a lifetime ago, after years and years of fans begging for a new instalment in the FPS spin-off of the classic Metroid series. The first look at the game was a logo (wow), that fuelled hype more than any regular trailer could. 

Fans couldn't wait to play the game - until it was revealed that the title's development would be started all over again in 2019. It disappointed a lot of long-term Metroid obsessives, but at least we knew quality was the only thing on Nintendo's mind. We haven't heard anything since - until now

What's The Metroid Prime 4 Update?

A new pair of job listings have appeared online and been shared existing members of staff working on Metroid Prime 4. Though job listings are often for prospective jobseekers, fans flooded the advertisements in search of new hints as to what to expect in the upcoming Prime. Though they didn't find much concrete info, they're still pretty miffed.

The very fact that Retro Studios is hiring a Tools Engineer and Technology Engineer - roles that Twitter seem to have deemed as some of the biggest roles in development - has upset a lot of fans. It seems to imply that the game could still be a long way off.

Fans React To Hints That Prime 4 Is A Long Way Off

Fans are worried about the game's future now, with some even concerned that the game is about to be cancelled.

Off the back of Metroid Dread being a huge hit, it's a shame that things are stalling in the franchise right now. Metroid Prime 4 may be a long way off, but Nintendo is seemingly still working hard on the title. Who knows - we might even be lucky to play it within the year. 


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