Metroid Prime 4 release could be closer than you think

Metroid Prime 4 release could be closer than you think
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3rd Oct 2023 13:35

The ongoing slog waiting for Metroid Prime has taken it out of a lot of fans. The game's reveal was unbelievable, and players couldn't believe their luck - but after the title restarted development, we've been stuck in a dark, cold, limbo without it.

We know nothing about Retro Studios' next outing for Samus Aran, other than the fact that it's meant to be on the way. Players are withering away as their hype outlives their energy, but it looks like we could be in for a treat soon. Well, soon-ish.

Metroid Prime 4 is reportedly entering marketing planning

We can't pretend that marketing planning itself is particularly exciting, but we'll take it in regards to Metroid Prime 4.

A new report from leaker Mash Weedle has indicated that Nintendo is currently in the process of planning the marketing strategy for Metroid Prime 4. Reading between the lines, this indicates it's far along enough in development for the team to consider releasing it roughly a year from now.

The leak claims that people have already seen the game itself, including a wealth of new playable features and that the technical deployment of the game is "overwhelming."

We could have predicted the development would have been tough - but even so, there are some who are rightly sceptical about the leak.

Fans react to Metroid Prime 4 leak

Samus in ball form, being held by a statue in Metroid Prime Remastered.
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Fans have taken to the comments of the tweet shared on Reddit, with some keeping their distance as a result of the leaker themselves not being entirely reliable.

"This guy said Nintendo would bring back Nintendo Selects in 2021," says one comment, drawing their reliability into question. "With a grain of salt, he did get Metroid Dread rumour out before the drop, and was one of the selective few (if not only) at the time," added another who fought the leaker's corner.

Whether or not this leak is to be trusted remains to be seen - but heaven knows we're excited enough to hope that they're right. It's been a hot minute since Samus last suited up in her armour. 

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