Meet Jorhdys: From Nintendo Nabbing To Becoming Tundra Esports' Latest Content Creator

Meet Jorhdys: From Nintendo Nabbing To Becoming Tundra Esports' Latest Content Creator
Gobinder Jhitta | Tundra Esports

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Jack Marsh


11th Apr 2022 17:00

When Tundra Esports invited us down to a cold windy beachside town in Liverpool to meet their newest recruit, we were given the heads-up that their announcement video would be leaning into her Scottish heritage with a wacky gimmicky twist that brought out her fiery nature. When the cameras rolled and the spotlights shone, she did a great job of bringing a character to life. Jordan "Jorhdys" has an incredible story about her journey through gaming.

Yes, this was a streamer whose gaming story started in a small house in Scotland, but she's also a woman who balances her Grand Champion status in Rocket League with a University education in Aberdeen, and Tundra Esports may have just snapped up one of the hardest working content creators in the UK.



TV Sharing and Nintendo Nabbing

Like many others of our generation, Jorhdys' first gaming experiences came with the Game Boy and Nintendo DS where Incredibles and Lilo and Stitch served as ample pastimes when she could pry it from her sister's hands or grab a break from the labour of school homework. Whether it be landing uppercuts with Bob Parr's beefy right arm or tapping frantically on the screen with a stylus to prevent Stitch from Trouble in Paradise, solace was always found in the small handheld screens, until consoles came along. 

From fighting with her sister for control of Elastigirl came a tussle for the TV remote with Dad, as the ages of Call of Duty dawned and Family Fortunes became the next hurdle to overcome. "In our childhood home we only had one TV, and it was in the living room. So as soon as Dad came down at dinner time we had to get out," said Jorhdys with a small giggle, "we could only get so many hours on the PlayStation or Wii".

It wasn't due to being unsupportive though, as Jorhdys continued to unravel her journey by meandering through the High School years of sparring in Call of Duty clans. "Since living on my own I've been able to play and my streaming career became significant, and I started making an income from it, my parents became supportive". 

Having found homes and communities in the Call of Duty and VALORANT world, especially with The Goose House, gaming quickly became much more than a casual hobby, and Jorhdys' streaming career only accelerated with the arrival of Rocket League.

Rocketing to Stardom

"I was originally introduced to Rocket League in 2016, as a gift for my birthday, but it wasn't enough to pull me into the scene", Jorhdys confessed. "But after I was reintroduced through my friends in 2019, and balanced that between Fortnite until I got my first PC". It was here that things started to gain traction for her Twitch career though, having soon mastered the awkward art of the title and pushed through the ceiling that has many hard-stuck in Platinum rank. With a vivacious personality combined with an accent notorious for making everything sound better, and an adequate in-game skill level, Jorhdys soon racked up 22,000 followers on Twitch.

Much like many gamers of the modern-day, the global pandemic only heightened her taste for gaming, allowing her more time to get to grips with selected titles. "2020 was definitely the year that I started playing it [Rocket League] more. It was one-hundred-per cent my favourite game and was the only game I played whether it be on-stream and off-stream." A Grand-Champion status has also seen Jorhdys being invited to compete in Twitch Rivals competitions, even winning the latest Showdown alongside ex-Guild Esports coach Mike "Gregan" Ellis, and professional duo Kurtis "Kash" Cannon and Joseph "hibbs" Jamie Hibbert. 

With a background mainly in Dota 2 and FIFA, Tundra Esports has now looked towards branching out to Rocket League. Among many other titles in the near future, and have put pen to paper on a contract with Jorhdys. With content at the heart of their mission before spearheading brand-new esports projects, Tundra's exciting future goes hand-in-hand with a streamer born and raised in the UK and has an eye on conquering the world at the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

To Tundra And Beyond

Johrdys Tundra
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As only one of two high-profile female Scottish streamers within the Rocket League community, it was Call of Duty phenom-ess in Kalei "FaZe Kalei" Renay who inspired Jorhdys to grow into the content creator she is today and continues to be one of her main motivators. "The way she just went from zero to a million was mad, and that's my motivation. She's been streaming for about 6-7 years now, which is double my time, so if she's done it for that long and achieved that it shows that it is possible."

"There are people online to get some good luck and go from zero to one hundred in a month, so it's nice to know that when people like Kalei put the work in they can still be rewarded".

Kalei's success was highlighted by her arrival at FaZe Clan, and despite streaming for half of the time as her icon, Jorhdys' Tundra Esports deal could now be the platform that she needs to air-roll to Twitch fame. 

"Tundra is the first organisation that has reached out to me and want me. Like in CoD orgs they're more like 'here join our team' but have no involvement whatsoever. But I'm excited to start with Tundra, they're starting to branch out much more and support the content side of their business, so I'm really excited to get involved."

For the future, Jorhdys' social media following and personal community within discords and Twitch chat are pivotal to her success, as she looks to stay rooted whilst branching out on TikTok and YouTube, whilst balancing a degree and career in fashion management. Her University education remains a top choice for now, although when graduation rolls, expect to see Jorhdys and Tundra Esports dominating the Rocket League content scene with "fresh ideas". 

Tundra, a two-year-old organisation that is quickly becoming one of the more beloved content orgs in the UK, now boasts another awesome personality to boast in a long line of talents across the gaming world.


Jack Marsh
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