Opinion: A Year Later, Ninja's 'Braless Wife' Tweet Is Still The Worst Thing On The Internet

Opinion: A Year Later, Ninja's 'Braless Wife' Tweet Is Still The Worst Thing On The Internet
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Joseph Kime


12th May 2022 13:36

As we all know, Twitter is one of the worst places on the internet. It's a hive of horrors, plagued by useless discourse and feral attacks, coordinated by dorks with no lives against other dorks with no lives. And as super-dork Elon Musk is gearing up to buy the whole place, it's only bound to get worse to support his bizarre idea of what "free speech" ought to look like - yet, in the meantime, we simply can't look away, much like a car crash of opinions from strangers that we can't help but be compelled by. It's the curse of the hyper-online, and it's truly akin to the first circle of hell.

Yet, every so often, it'll turn out a gem. Its open-ended nature lets anyone splurge their thoughts onto the internet with flippant permanence, and as such, users will spill thoughts and information that couldn't be waterboarded out of the layman, provided it keeps itself to 280 characters.

And one year ago, on this very day, one of the biggest names (and barnets) in the gaming world gifted the internet with a tweet that is simultaneously the best and worst thing the platform has ever seen.

Ninja's Braless Wife Tweet Is A Delicious Horror

On May 12, 2021, Fortnite streamer and cringemaster general Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins blessed the internet with a tweet that was simultaneously the funniest, and most grotesque collection of letters to ever grace the platform.

"I am in the middle of carrying a League of Legends game about to close it out, and my bra-less wife brings me a sandwich (not asked for) with chips as I get a double kill bot lane," he says, seemingly with child-like glee. "So how is your day going?"

The layers on this tweet make themselves apparent the more you read it, and picking apart the different folds of hilarious immaturity that make up Blevins' character gets funnier with every read.

Ninja Thinks He's Living The Dream

A Year Later, Ninja's 'Braless Wife' Tweet Is Still The Worst Thing On The Internet
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YouTube - Ninja

The main point to take from this is that Ninja still can't help but ogle at boobies like a 12-year-old, and yet somehow has the iron nerve to make it clear to his millions of followers. It's so incredibly bizarre to see a man with such a massive role in the gaming world shift his eyebrows and remind his incredibly young audience how 'bra-less' his wife is, especially as she was so good as to bring him a sandwich he didn't ask for, making his flex come off as a child's idea of what having a wife is. Ninja is thirty years old.

The very fact that Ninja flexes on his audience so much that he's so numb to the fact that he's typed out the weirdest tweet to ever grace the platform is compelling, and in many ways, confirms Blevins' hubris. Which, in itself, is probably funnier than the tweet itself.

His cheeky, eyebrow-raising "jealous?" attitude in front of hordes of Fortnite-obsessed children is so deeply bizarre, all the while trying to prove that he's truly one of the best gamers going.

Ninja's hubris rings out like a cacophony of screams in this tweet, and it's only made more potent by the very fact that he can't see what might be construed as cringe-worthy in his tweet reducing his wife to a sandwich-making pair of chebs, and painting himself as an elite gamer in front of swathes of young fans. Again - Ninja is thirty years old.

Ninja, On This Day, Made History

A Year Later, Ninja's 'Braless Wife' Tweet Is Still The Worst Thing On The Internet
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Twitter - Ninja

If anything, we should probably thank Ninja for this. Though it may come off as an assault on the senses at first glance, this tweet proves just how juvenile some of the biggest influencers in the world are, as well as serving as a reminder that Twitter is just the internet's wild west. He definitely didn't mean to be funny with this tweet, and expected his followers to offer him their undying respect - which makes their respect worth nothing, and the tweet itself absolutely hysterical.

Ninja's bra-less wife tweet is like a snapshot in history, both for Twitter as a platform and the gaming world. This is the man that the internet chose to champion to represent all gamers on the world stage, and this, along with his appearance flossing in front of crowds at Times Square's New Years' Celebration and shouting at kids over video games, proves that we may have chosen poorly. Ninja, take a bow. You've made the worst tweet in the world. And that takes some work.


Joseph Kime
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