Marved Believes OpTic Is Better Than Prime Sentinels Following VCT Masters Win

Marved Believes OpTic Is Better Than Prime Sentinels Following VCT Masters Win
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Jack Marsh


25th Apr 2022 14:53

Since merging with Team Envy, OpTic Gaming has since reinstated their status as one of the most successful brands in esports, with their latest victory in VALORANT being a third international championship win in two months. 

OpTic Gaming have been crowned as the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 1 champions on April 24 as the North American roster recovered from the lower bracket to make back-to-back 3-0 whitewash wins and hoist the first trophy of the 2022 campaign.

With their success on the world stage, OpTic's Grand Final MVP, Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen, was the player lapping in the plaudits as he turned in a record-breaking performance. Now, the 22-year-old Canadian has branded OpTic as the best North American VALORANT team ever, over the prime Sentinels roster that won back-to-back VCT Stages in the 2021 season.

OpTic Marved Laps In The Plaudits After Stellar VCT Showing

OpTic Yay and Marved After VALORANT Masters Win
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Dubbed as one of the best controllers on the planet, Marved's impact in the two clean-sweep victories has had fans going barney, posting up similar kill statistics to duelists; only OpTic's own Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker collected more kills throughout the event as the two worked in tandem to decimate defensive setups.

Marved's 35 kills in the Lower Bracket Final was also the most ruthless performance of the entire event, with his Omen topping the previous record set by LOUD's Felipe "Less" de Loyola. 


Marved Claims OpTic Are The Best NA Has Ever Seen

Marved was quick to play down any individual heroics though, reiterating that it was a team effort in a post-match press conference. Following the win, Marved was also quizzed as to whether OpTic is the best team that North America has ever boasted, to which he agreed.

"100%. We're definitely the best, and I'm sure a lot of people know it. It's very difficult to beat us and I think we're more difficult to beat than any other team," he said.

His claims now crack open the debate between the current OpTic roster and the Sentinels roster of early 2021. OpTic's second-place finish at the 2021 Stage 3 Masters was the first time that the roster showed their international quality, albeit their efforts fell just short of making Champions. Since, OpTic has placed second in Stage 1 Challengers and won Masters, where they currently reign as the best team in the world.

Sentinels, on the other hand, won two Masters - one of them being a regional event due to the coronavirus pandemic - which levels the debate. Only time will tell if OpTic can continue to be supreme in America, where they could set their dynasty in stone.


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