Lost Castlevania Game Is Going Up For Sale

Lost Castlevania Game Is Going Up For Sale
YouTube - Diskman Presents | Konami

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Joseph Kime


14th Nov 2022 11:28

Castlevania has been a huge name in gaming since 1986, and Konami has taken surprising strides to squander that. It's a bit depressing, really, but the sheer lack of Castlevania content in the world beyond Konami's icky anniversary NFTs has meant that many have forgotten just what made the games so special.

Even though the animated Netflix series is a certified banger, the franchise's images of success are limited to flashes of images from around 30 years ago. For a game about killing vampires (arguably the coolest thing in the world), it was certainly more deserving of something better. Now, the past has bitten back, as a lost Castlevania title is making its return to the market. 

The Lost Castlevania Game Has Been Revealed

Not many will remember Game.com at all, but once upon a time, the hopeful gaming platform boasted a pretty wonky roster of titles, including a version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that was thought to be lost. Until now.

Game developer Brandon Cobbs came upon the prototype for the game's port to the Game.com console, albeit when it was unplayable - and he developed the game's functionality alongside retro emulation creator Osman Celimli.

Footage exists of the port on the Diskman Presents YouTube channel, and even though it's almost entirely ineligible, it's still fascinating to take a peek at the Castlevania game that never was. If you're a budding Castlevania historian, then there's good news - because you could own the only known copy in existence.

You Could Bag The Hidden Castlevania Game On eBay

If you reckon you can handle the pressure of owning the only known copy of Symphony of the Night for Game.com, the cartridge is available right now on eBay, but it's going to cost you a pretty penny.

The game has already soared past $600, ending in a couple of days. If you want to own a real piece of history, you're going to want to pounce now. The game is a true relic, and it serves as an interesting piece of video game history. Shame it'll ruin us at least $600. 

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