Logitech G reveals new Astro A50 X headset, and it has a killer new feature

Logitech G reveals new Astro A50 X headset, and it has a killer new feature

Written by 

Lloyd Coombes


5th Dec 2023 08:01

If you're a PC player that switches to a console regularly, Logitech's latest headset, the Astro 50 X, might be just what you're looking for.

The manufacturer revealed the new headset alongside an industry-first connectivity standard called PLAYSYNC, which will let users connect multiple consoles and PC or Mac at the same time, and switch between them with a single button click.

Logitech reveals Astro A50 X

Logitech Astro A50 X in Black
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"Over the last decade, the A50 has become an icon in gaming headsets due to its focus on gamer-centric design, premium sound, and superior comfort and durability," said Logitech G's General Manager Ujesh Desai, via a press release.

"Our new A50 X elevates this beloved headset with an unmatched level of performance by combining the A50’s award-winning design with several new features and advanced technologies that truly revolutionize gameplay."

When switching audio between consoles, the headset can also switch TV outputs via HDMI, moving between, for example, your PS5 and your Xbox consoles with a single button. Given how Microsoft tends to lockdown its headset systems, it's a nice way of circumventing that.

The base station pushes audio to the headset once it's picked up, and offers passthrough for 4K 120Hz HDR and more. The headset will also use graphene drivers, the same as debuted in the Logitech Pro X 2 headset we reviewed (and were very impressed with) earlier this year - although they've shrunk from 50mm to 40mm.

The Astro A50 X is also customisable within the Logitech G Hub on PC or Logitech G App on mobile, letting users adjust EQs, while the mic is clear as day if a recent demonstration I attended is anything to go by. Still, we'll hopefully go hands-on soon to put the Astro A50 X through its paces.

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