Lies Of P Director Discusses Bloodborne Comparisons

Lies Of P Director Discusses Bloodborne Comparisons
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Joseph Kime


20th Sep 2022 09:43

Lies of P being announced was certainly a moment. The game looks breathtaking, with a delightfully gothic aesthetic that puts its peers to shame and combat that looks tough as all hell - so it's no surprise that SoulsBorne fans turned their heads to it.

It looks fantastic, but to some, it might look a little familiar - with a presentation and setting that is very reminiscent of Bloodborne. Given the love for FromSoftware's 2015 game fans are flocking to Lies of P. Even if it doesn't seem to be accidental, but even so, the game's creator has come forward to acknowledge the comparisons.

Is Lies Of P Based On Bloodborne?

Some might have worried that regarding Lies of P as something of a Bloodborne clone would have sapped the game of the creativity it clearly has, but it doesn't seem to be upsetting the game's developer.

In a conversation with Gamereactor, Game Director Choi Ji-Won has said that the comparisons don't bother him, and in fact, he seems pretty pleased with them.

"I am myself a very big fan of Bloodborne," he says. "So I'm feeling so honoured for just being called together with the name of Bloodborne with my art. So I am very honoured." It's sweet that Ji-Won is happy with the comparisons, because to be frank, they weren't going to stop if he wasn't. Lies of P might look very similar to Bloodborne, and though there are bound to be surprises buried under the surface, a lot of gamers are intrigued about the game simply based on the similarities to a game they already love.

When Will We See More From Lies Of P?

Ji-Won goes on to say that Lies of P is getting on in terms of development, and has revealed when he wants to share more with fans. "We are really suffering without sleep to really bring it to the fans", he says. "We also appreciate all the love for the Xbox Game Pass [Day] one [announcement]. We are at a stage of 70% [of development so far]. So, in the demo version you can experience two chapters and there will be seven more chapters that you will discover in the full version."

As for when you can see more, Ji-Won concluded, "We are expecting not to pass summer of 2023, so we expect to show it to the fans before the summer". There's no denying this gothic game looks fantastic, and we're looking forward to seeing it completed - especially as Ji-Won seems so enthusiastic about it. Maybe it isn't as much like Bloodborne as we'd expect, but maybe it's better off that way after all.

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