LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Has An LGBTQ+ Romance

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Has An LGBTQ+ Romance
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Tom Chapman


7th Apr 2022 10:43

Traveller's Tales is building a blocky rainbow, as a heartwarming Easter egg puts an LGBTQ+ spin on the galaxy far, far away. The long-awaited LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally brings together all nine main movies... with a LEGO twist. Unlike Disney, developer Traveller's Tales is flying its pride flag high for Star Wars

The first reviews are in, with The Skywalker Saga proving far less divisive than the movies it's based on. Part of the charm is that Traveller's Tales isn't limited by the politics and toxic fandom that have plagued the movies. As well as having a lot of fun, the team has also been able to bring back a retconned idea from the movies.

What Is The Skywalker Saga's LGBTQ+ Moment?

After the surprise announcement of Disney's sequel trilogy that picked up decades after Return of the Jedi and charted a new era with The Force Awakens, we got a new trio of heroes in the form of Rey, Finn, and Poe. From the moment Finn rescued Poe from the clutches of Kylo Ren, FinnPoe has been a thing. Sadly, those at the top tried to erase it like Jar Jar Binks. 

In The Skywalker Saga, there's a cute moment in the intro that finally brings FinnPoe into canon. The two are seen with their arms around each other, and in one brief moment, we've added more diversity than the entire nine-movie saga. Critics will say it's just a bromance, but come on, give FinnPoe their chance to blossom.

Shippers were over the moon that Finn and Poe could become more than just friends in The Skywalker Saga. One supporter wrote, "When lego had better representation than the actual movies," while another added, "I wake up to Daisy Ridley returning to social media and FinnPoe being canonised in the Lego Skywalker Saga what a time to be alive." We don't care what you say, we're taking it as canon.


Does Star Wars Have A Problem With The LGBTQ+ Community?

Of course, Star Wars and the wider Disney umbrella doesn't exactly skip off into the sunset with the LGBTQ+ community. There's been recent drama with the "Don't Say Gay" bill, while the upcoming Lightyear added back a same-sex kiss after there was outrage it was cut. This is nothing compared to Star Wars. While Oscar Isaac himself was the biggest champion of FinnPoe, Disney wasn't having any of it.

You might remember the tiny moment two background characters shared a same-sex kiss at the end of 2019's The Rise of Skywalker. It led to Episode IX being censored in some countries and became a hot topic of conversation. God forbid it had been any of the major players. As for FinnPoe, Disney tried to crash that ship like the OG Death Star. After giving Finn a forced (and then retconned) romance with Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico, it was also implied that Keri Russell's Zorii Bliss was Poe's ex. At least LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga lets FinnPoe live their best gay lives.


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