Legendary CoD Maps Are Already Found Within MW2

Legendary CoD Maps Are Already Found Within MW2
Images via Activision

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Jack Marsh


9th Nov 2022 12:48

Everything you ever wanted from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been staring us in the face this whole time. The remastering of old content has been widely yearned for in MW2, considering there are classic maps from the 2009 game that have never been seen again. It seems that not only are they coming, but they've already been added.

As a community, we are getting a bit bored of the same old remastered maps. How many years can we spend on different coloured Shipment variants without losing our minds? So with MW2 rebooting arguably the best CoD of all time, we called for Highrise.

The classic sky-scraper-topping landscape is every CoD child's dearest memory, 360-ing off the crane, Tac-Insert central on the building ledge, and collateral quickscope lineups through the spawn buildings. That's what we wanted from MW2, and now it seems we've been looking directly at it already.

Highrise Found In MW2 Embassy Map

It's been well documented that there will be old MW2 maps scattered across the Warzone 2 map Al Mazrah, as well as the new set of multiplayer landscapes - including Embassy.

The tidy 6v6 map, played in the US Embassy for the United Republic of Adal (Al Mazrah's country), has proven to be one of the better designs added to MW2. However, if you look closely, you'll be able to see your 12-year-old self camping atop the Highrise skyscraper. Yep, Highrise is in the Embassy multiplayer map.

Reddit user "I-Neeed-Memes" has found that if you enter CoD-Caster mode in a private match on Embassy, the second building on the outside of the map is the skyscraper which Highrise sits on top of. This is expected to be the exact same when Warzone 2 launches next week. 

This isn't the first remastered map found secretly hidden within MW2 either. Leakers have already found Shipment located off the shores of Al Mazrah, while Taraq is actually a complete re-skin of a 20-year-old Call of Duty: 1 map

An Early Terminal Build Also Found In Embassy

Embassy seems to be the breeding ground for remastered maps too, as another fan has found an early build of Terminal within the multiplayer map. The video posted by "Loopa_Dub" shows the layout of Terminal in a very Roblox-looking build, which will certainly be ironed out by the time Warzone 2 is launched.

Fans also found Terminal through the same method on Al Bagra Fortress, although it's nice to know that Terminal and Highrise will be close in proximity, both within spitting distance from Embassy. This should make for a fun and nostalgic landing drop. 

Both of the old multiplayer maps have been heavily rumoured to be coming to MW2 in 6v6 fashion too, although it's not yet clear as to whether they will be seasonal additions or included in the Greatest Hits DLC (Premium Year 2 content).

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