League Of Legends Worlds 2020 Finals Will Use Facial Recognition For Tickets

League Of Legends Worlds 2020 Finals Will Use Facial Recognition For Tickets

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Jack Marsh


19th Oct 2020 10:22

The League of Legends World Championships 2020 is entering the final three games, as G2 Esports, Top Esports, DAMWON Gaming, and Suning will fight it out to be crowned as the undisputed best team in the game.

The grand final is set to be played on October 31 in front of 6,312 people. In the current climate that may seem a lot, but when you consider that 3.2 million fans worldwide have applied for tickets, chances are pretty slim for the longing fans. With just 0.2% of the applicants being granted a ticket, Riot Games has considered security and has introduced facial recognition for each ticket. 

After proving that you have a Chinese phone number, a League of Legends account over level 30, and a deposit, the lucky people who are chosen will have just 24 hours to redeem their tickets. The tickets will then require facial recognition, and will not be physically sent out to the recipients, with Riot Games relying on a guest list instead.

Said precautions are due to the limited number of tickets available, which if sold on, could be priced at astronomical amounts. The security measures are to allow the tickets to land in the laps of devoted fans rather than third party companies who look to profit on the misfortune of the 99.8% of people who will miss out. 

The tenth League of Legends World Championships will conclude at the Pudong Football Stadium, with the biggest opening event that the arena has ever held. With the infamous closing ceremonies and incredible action-packed games, the 6,312 auspicious people will be treated to the best experience that League of Legends has to offer.

DAMWON Gaming and G2 Esports meet in the semi-finals, both of whom have featured in some explosive games. The winner will meet either Top Esports or Suning in the final on Halloween. 


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Image via Riot Games

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