League of Legends players blast ‘disgraceful’ K’Sante buffs

League of Legends players blast ‘disgraceful’ K’Sante buffs
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26th Oct 2023 14:34

Sometimes, the beauty of League of Legends is the infinite possibilities of team compositions that can all be successful.

Team skirmish-heavy comps are just as favourable as a team of poke champions, leaving players and teams around the globe all flirting with fresh ideas on how to find the best combination of five champions that will come out on top more often than not.

But who can be bothered with all that prep and creativity? Instead, K'Sante has decided he will be the ultimate champion and will become unkillable and a demonic damage dealer.

Jankos slams K'Sante buffs as a 'f**king disgrace'

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Thanks to back-to-back reworks and buffs on K'Sante, the already-strong champion has now rushed to be one of the most brutal characters in the game, much to the dismay of Team Heretics' professional player Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski.

The multi-time Worlds finalist has labelled K'Sante as a "f**king disgrace" after a recent encounter with the Champion in a solo queue game.

Jankos - known as one of the best EU Junglers of all time - came face to face with K'Sante in a 4v1 situation in favour of his team, yet the recently-buffed champion was able to tank all four players' attacks for a solid 15 seconds, only dropping to quarter-health.

But what sent Jankos over the edge was that after all this time of tanking damage, K'Sante obliterated the Jungler after pulling out his Ultimate, sending him back to his Nexus while the champion walked off from the engagement scott-free.

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"HOW? F**k you! What a f**king disgrace this champion is. What a disgrace to the company," Jankos screamed.

K'Sante runs riot in League of Legends World Championships 2023

The legend's buffs only came into play on patch 13.21, but even on older patches, the champion is running riot.

On the Worlds stage - played on 13.19 this year - K'Sante has continued to wreak havoc, pitching up a massive 68.6 pick-or-ban rate.

In one particular instance, in a game between LOUD and Gambit, Leonardo "Robo" Souza pulled off a similarly brutal blockage parade, tanking attacks from the entire enemy team for a handful of seconds which bought enough time for his team to flash in and engage, winning a massive team fight despite being heavily down in this period of the game.

It's likely that K'Sante will be at the top of your ban picks going forward, and you'll want to be extra careful if you let him slip through the net.

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