LA Thieves And Atlanta FaZe Confirm Role Shuffles For CDL Stage 3

LA Thieves And Atlanta FaZe Confirm Role Shuffles For CDL Stage 3
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Jack Marsh


15th Apr 2022 12:20

With the Call of Duty League regular season reaching the halfway mark, the season is finally poised after a range of teams have excelled in different elements of the format, whilst other highly rated teams have yet to get going at all.

With eyes starting to edge towards the overall league standings with the World Championships seeding in mind, teams are now using the current mid-season break to experiment with their rosters in order to find a winning formula and push their way up the standings.

Most recently, Minnesota ROKKR revealed an unorthodox trial approach to their roster changes, which appears to be the first of many as the mid-season break unfolds.

Cellium Moves To Main AR For Atlanta FaZe - Arcitys Moves to Flex

Even when they're not winning, Atlanta FaZe is winning. Two Major Grand Final losses for FaZe has left a sour taste in their mouth, but they still sit atop of the overall rankings on points. 

However, FaZe isn't satisfied and has now made a roster shuffle to attempt to find a winning solution to finally hoist a trophy. According to a tweet from Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson, FaZe will be swapping himself and McArthur "Cellium" Jovel.

The role reversal will see Arcitys move to a subsidiary AR role, or a flex position, whilst Cellium will take control of the Assault Rifle on a permanent basis. 

Previously, Arcitys moved to FaZe on the basis that he can lead the Assault Rifle position after often being in the shadow of Matthew "FormaL" Piper on Chicago Huntsmen. Now, he will have to get used to the SMG weapons once again as a multi-role player.


Kenny And Drazah Swap Roles For LA Thieves

On the flipside of FaZe's success, LA Thieves have been largely underwhelming, despite their promising roster. After finishing Major 2 Qualifiers in rock-bottom place, Thieves did manage to rally a charge to the top 7 in the Main Event.

However, the mediocre finish is still far from expectations, and the organisation has revealed Zack "Drazah" Jordan and Kenneth "Kenny" Williams will be swapping roles.

Drazah, whose inconsistency has been head-scratching, will be moving to the more reserved secondary AR/flex role, whereas Kenny will be picking up the SMG permanently alongside Dylan "Envoy" Hannon.

LA Thieves' are notorious for changing their roster to no avail, so, it goes to show the belief in the roster remains, albeit with a slight tweak. 

The CDL will resume with the Stage 3 qualifiers in May, where at least three new-look rosters will be on display.


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