Minnesota ROKKR Announce Unorthodox Trial System For Roster Changes Ahead Of Major 3

Minnesota ROKKR Announce Unorthodox Trial System For Roster Changes Ahead Of Major 3
Minnesota ROKKR

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Jack Marsh


14th Apr 2022 16:21

Minnesota ROKKR's 2022 campaign has not been with much avail as of yet, with the organisation coming into the season with a slow start, much like the year prior. As one of only three teams in the league not to have made a roster change during the off-season, their faith has not paid off, and despite having the backing of an incredible fan base at their own LAN event, ROKKR needs something new.

While a month break is in store for the Call of Duty League, between the second and third split, ROKKR's time to shake up the pack has come, and they are now looking at making a change. Who's to be replaced is yet to be seen, and they're now looking at implementing a very unorthodox method of finding a winning formula. 

Minnesota ROKKR Reveal Roster Trials

As the legend goes, Dillon "Attach" Price will always get a piece of the pie, but in this team composition, the pie is on the other side of the table, and there's about to be a royal-rumble of hungry players looking to get their teeth into the ROKKR's roster.

In an update posted to social media, ROKKR's Head Coach, Brian "Saintt" Baroska, admitted that the organisation will be holding a trial period between their first team and challengers squad to see if they can promote any of the young guns to the starting team.

"Running trials to make roster changes has been fairly uncommon in Call of Duty in the past. You see it more in League of Legends, VALORANT, and Counter-Strike. I think it has been hard to do in Call of Duty due to the time between each stage and tournament, but I think that now we have a month gap between Major 2 and 3, we can kind of break the mould of Call of Duty a bit and do something outside the box," said Saintt.

Saintt also admitted that the trials may not see any changes at all, but can also be used to identify ways in which different personnel can influence the way ROKKR's current four operate. 

The American organisation will likely look towards their European affiliate team first, as ROKKR Academy's all-Spanish team has already won the Stage 1 Playoffs before finishing second in Stage 2.

The Next Standy?

During the Black Ops Cold War season, ROKKR traded Lamar "Accuracy" Abedi for challengers starlet Eli "Standy" Bentz, as Michael "MajorManiak" Szymaniak swapped roles to lead the assault rifle charge whilst Preston "Priestahh" Greiner stepped in as the support AR/flex role. 

This stroke of genius to acquire an unheard-of Challengers player rocketed Minnesota to instant success, as Standy quickly became one of the best SMGs in the league. With a Maniak at the helm, the ROKKR even won Major IV, known as the ROKKR Ressurection.

Now, they will look to replicate their success of dipping into the second tier player pool to find a hidden gem and continue their trend of winning at least one chip every CDL year.


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