Karmine Corp Enter Rocket League, Signing Stake, Itachi, And AztraL

Karmine Corp Enter Rocket League, Signing Stake, Itachi, And AztraL
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Jack Marsh


26th Jul 2021 12:30

French esports organisation Karmine Corp has officially revealed their entry to Rocket League, announcing the signing of former Vodafone Giants duo Marc "Stake" Bosch and Amine "itachi" Benayachi, and ex-Solary talent Maello "AztraL" Ernst.

The organisation, best known for their League of Legends ventures, has snapped up the trio following their exit from Vodafone Giants and Solary respectively earlier this transfer window.

Both Stake and Itachi have enjoyed a rather successful first season in the elite stages of Rocket League, despite not getting their hands on a first medal.

A string of second, third, and fourth placements throughout RLCS X had them as a hot topic of conversation going into the off-season, as they parted ways from Samuel "Zamue" Cortés - a long-standing partner of Stake.

The pair, deposited being predominantly Spanish-speaking, will now represent Karmine Corp and were unveiled on-stage during a concert-esque exhibition.

As for AztraL, his previous season saw him team with a duo of Frenchmen for both Oxygen Esports and Solary, having been one of the more prominent figures in Europe towards the twilight of the year. Fans will be hoping he can reclaim some of his Season 9 form in this team, where he was dubbed as the best player in EU.

The live event in which AztraL, Itachi, and Stake were revealed also saw Karmine Corp put on a LoL exhibition match versus French rivals Solary - their first match in front of fans since the global pandemic hit.

Karmine Corp will start life in Rocket League through the open qualifiers for RLCS XI, should the league stick with the trusted format. With an announcement surrounding RLCS XI expected in the coming weeks, this dynamic roster is one to keep an eye out for.



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