ImperialHal thinks Mad Maggie upgrades make her 'OP' in Apex Legends

ImperialHal thinks Mad Maggie upgrades make her 'OP' in Apex Legends
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Alex Garton


14th Feb 2024 15:20

With Season 20 of Apex Legends now live, players are experimenting with all the new Legend Upgrades that have altered the kit of every character on the roster.

Some standouts so far include Rampart and her rapid reload times, Fuse's movement speed from his Knuckle Cluster, and of course, Wraith's faster Tactical activation.

For the Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen though, one Assault Legend stands out from the pack, and that's Mad Maggie. The Rebel Warlord's kit has been truly elevated, and the CEO has gone as far as to describe her abilities as "OP."

ImperialHal is impressed with Mad Maggie in Breakout

While testing out all the new Legend Upgrades in the Firing Range, Hal decided to check out all of Mad Maggie's abilities. After seeing the Ultimate stun and explode in a blaze of thermites at its final destination, the TSM IGL labelled the ability "OP."

"Wait that's actually f***ing OP, it still stuns as if it blows up but it keeps going... nobody going to be able to sit in a corner."

Hal also discovered that the upgraded drill width, when fired into a Gibraltar bubble, will target everyone inside, no matter where they stand. This is a massive counter for those looking to reset their health inside the shield.

What's Mad Maggie's pick rate in Apex Legends Season 20?

Mad Maggie Apex Legends
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ImperialHal isn't the only one who is taking note of Maggie's power, with the Rebel Wardlord's pick rate rising to 3% since Season 20 went live.

This may not sound extremely high, but compared to Season 19, it's a 38% increase in popularity, which is very impressive.

We'll have to see if TSM consider using her in pro play, or whether she becomes a bigger threat in the meta as the season progresses. However, with so many Legend Upgrades on the roster, securing a spot as a top-tier character is going to be tough.

Alex is a Senior Writer at GGRecon. With a BA (Hons) in English, he has previously written for Dexerto & Gfinity. Specialising in Call of Duty & Apex Legends, he loves (attempting) to improve his aim in competitive shooters and will always make time for a single-player RPG.

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