ImperialHal explains why MnK Apex Legends players should use the Volt

ImperialHal explains why MnK Apex Legends players should use the Volt
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17th Jan 2024 14:53

Picking your favourite weapon in Apex Legends will always come down to preference, but using what is considered meta will usually net the best results.

In the SMG category, both the CAR SMG and the R99 have been contending for the number one spot as the best close-quarter weapon.

However, following a set of nerfs to both guns in the mid-season patch, a new option has appeared as a solid choice.

We're of course talking about the Volt, a weapon that TSM's Philp "ImperialHal" Dosen thinks is perfect for MnK players, but less suited to those on a controller.

ImperialHal explains why Volt is perfect for MnK players

On January 9, the CAR SMG's damage was reduced from 13 to 12 as well as the R99 which got nerfed from 12 to 11.

This opened up questions around the Volt, an SMG that was untouched in the update and has started creeping up in the meta.

For ImperialHal, the Volt is the perfect option for MnK players who don't have access to aim assist. Overall, the weapon is significantly easier to use and doesn't punish you too heavily for missing a few bullets.

"Volt can be a more mouse and key thing because it's a bigger mag, more forgiving, and you don't have to hit as many shots compared to the R99."

TSM star still thinks the R99 is the king of SMGs in Apex Legends

Apex R99
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As for which SMG is the king, the R99 still reigns above the rest in the eyes of the CEO. For him, the ability to one-clip enemies is invaluable and can completely turn a skirmish in an instant.

While Hal makes it clear "It's more risky to play R99 because you have to hit more shots," he believes anyone on controller should still pick the light ammo SMG.

This is because aim assist allows you to hit those crucial close-quarter shots that give the R99 an unmatched TTK.

So, long story short, in the eyes of Hal, controller players should use the R99 and those on MnK should stick to the Volt.

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