Impatient Hogwarts Legacy Player Creates Their Own Game

Impatient Hogwarts Legacy Player Creates Their Own Game
Arnie | Avalanche Software

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Joseph Kime


26th Sep 2022 11:32

Hogwarts Legacy has been pushed back, and fans of the Wizarding World have been pushed further into woe. To be fair to them, they don't have an awful lot to look forward to now that they know that the author of their favourite works isn't so nice, and that the Fantastic Beasts series has closed out a trilogy with a whimper.

Hogwarts Legacy was the light at the end of the tunnel, and now that its release date has been amended to 2023, fans are fighting to hold on. So, with that in mind, one gamer has taken matters into their own hands.

Fan Creates his Own Hogwarts Legacy

One fan has decided that enough is enough, and has built their very own fan interpretation of Hogwarts Legacy to keep them tided over until the game officially releases. Indie developer Arnie has built his very own version of the RPG as an exercise for video game development, and has been working on his interpretations of the game's world and spells.

The rip, called Henwarts Legacy just to be safe from legal troubles, was revealed in a new YouTube video from Arnie that shows off the gameplay of the homemade title, as well as just how the world was developed. It's an impressive build that Avalanche would be lucky to pull off.

It's an incredibly detailed feat, even if the Unity game doesn't look exactly like the trailers so far - but sadly, it looks like the homemade title won't be for us.


Hogwarts Legacy's Fan Remake Won't Be Available

Sadly, this new fan-created experiment won't be available to the general public - but to be fair, it's probably for the best. The game will never be released to us wannabe muggles, and though it's sad for us as players, there's no doubt that even in spite of the title change, Arnie is probably protecting himself well on the legal front by keeping the game to himself.

Still, it's disappointing that in the wake of Hogwarts Legacy's continued delays, we're left with fans doing the work for themselves. Even so, Henwarts Legacy is proof that game development can start anywhere. Even with impatience, apparently.

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