Here's the Elden Ring stat you need to level before Shadow of the Erdtree

Here's the Elden Ring stat you need to level before Shadow of the Erdtree
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30th May 2024 09:48

We're almost there, folks - more than two years after Elden Ring dodge-rolled into our lives as arguably one of the greatest games ever made, the game's meaty expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, is just weeks away.

While the base game provided a challenge, veterans have been tweeting their advice for preparing for the DLC. While so much is still under wraps, there's one stat players need to look to buff before June 21 - Vigor.

Time to level your Vigor for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Shadow of the Erdtree trailer art
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Longtime Elden Ring players have been pooling their collective knowledge on X (formerly Twitter), and the clear stat to work on for your build is Vigor.

As much as @dangitjm admits the best plan is still to avoid being hit, they also showcased a video on the platform showing them taking the full brunt of Malenia's Waterfowl Dance with levelled Vigor and surviving to tell the tale.

Doubling down, the poster replies to a comment suggesting that 60 Vigor should be considered a sort of "softcap", and that it translates to 1900 HP.

Streamer Oroboro even goes so far as to say "If your Elden Ring build has less than 60 Vigor at level 125 or higher it's not a good build."

Reposting it, @dangitjm also notes that it's as much a necessity for PvP as it is for PvE, giving you a fighting chance against an invading player - or letting you invade and find more success.

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What is Vigor in Elden Ring?

Vigor is, as the posts above suggest, the way FromSoft's epic RPG measures the amount of health you have. As you can imagine in a difficult game like a Soulslike, it's always good to have a larger pool of health going into just about any encounter.
It also helps with defending against status effects like Poison, Scarlet Rot, or simply being burned by fire.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some levelling to do...
Lloyd Coombes
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