Halo Infinite Season 1 Is Running For a Loooong Time

Halo Infinite Season 1 Is Running For a Loooong Time
Images: 343 Industries

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Joseph Kime


16th Nov 2021 11:09

The mad lads have actually done it. After rumours that it could happen - and the reasonable figureheads of the gaming industry shooting the idea down as preposterous - 343 Industries surprise-launched the beta of Halo Infinite's multiplayer mode during last night's Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations.

The internet entered a mad frenzy, and excitement has never been higher for the game - presumably, much to the dismay of the team behind the very near Battlefield 2042. But, if you can't get involved in the beta immediately, it's nothing to worry about. Because the Halo Infinite Season 1 roadmap is going to be with us for quite some time.

Halo Infinite Season 1: How Long Is It? 

With the launch of the multiplayer's beta comes the reveal of the Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass, which is titled Heroes of Reach. It's set to offer a lot of fun cosmetics for players to start unlocking, and thankfully, they'll have plenty of time to do so - as the length of the pass' presence in the game is solid.

In a new tweet, 343 industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass season will last all the way until May 2022. That's more than 6 months away, so there's plenty of time to farm the cosmetics they're after.

"Along the way #HaloInfinite will have multiple in-game events with their own rewards and activities", continues the tweet. "The first is Fracture: Tenrai, featuring a limited-time Event Pass, playlist, and Samurai-themed rewards starting next week."

Halo Infinite Season 1: What Else Is On Offer? 

Continuing in the thread, the official Halo account revealed that if you buy or play the campaign of Halo Infinite, you'll also be able to bag yourself some extra cosmetics in the process. "#HaloInfinite's Campaign is available for pre-order and launches December 8, 2021. The campaign will also feature exclusive cosmetic rewards for your multiplayer Spartan."

It seems as though everything around the new Halo is feeding into this new multiplayer mode, which could very well end up competing with the other shooter titles on the market right now. The excitement around Halo is higher than it's been for the past decade, and if 343 Industries can maintain it, maybe the franchise could finally be the pinnacle of Xbox's brand once again. We can dream.


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