Halo Infinite DLC Might Not Arrive Until 2025

Halo Infinite DLC Might Not Arrive Until 2025
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Joseph Kime


23rd Jun 2022 09:50

Halo fans are once again starting to feel the content drought, as we ask, where is the Halo Infinite DLC? There isn't a lot of activity to keep players engaged, which is a huge shame considering the influx of players that the franchise saw during the Halo Infinite campaign debut, as well as the surprise launch of its free-to-play multiplayer beta.

Halo was thought to be back on top for many, but it's been some time since we had new content for the game that seems to be keen to maintain itself for years to come. Fans have been wondering when we'll see the Halo Infinite DLC or if it's been canned entirely Well, we might be waiting a while.

Halo Infinite DLC Release Date: When's It Coming?

According to a rumour from YouTuber Sean W, we could be waiting a very long time for meaningful downloadable content for Halo Infinite. In fact, it could be years. As far back as December last year, we'd heard about something called "The Endless," and while it could still be a Halo Infinite DLC, it doesn't sound like it's exactly close. 

According to Sean, the DLC won't actually be arriving until 2025, and the head creative of Halo Infinite, Joseph Staton, will have full control over the narrative of the project. It all sounds very reminiscent of that delayed Cyberpunk 2077 DLC that we're still yet to play either.

It's a long time to wait for a DLC to the campaign of the game, but who knows what development roadblocks have led to this? There's every chance that the DLC itself could be massive, and that's what's hammering the brakes on the project. But that's not all.



Will The Halo Battle Royale Feature Classic Maps?

According to Sean W, the equally long-awaited Halo Infinite battle royale mode could utilise some classic maps in its huge map. If all of the above is to be taken as gospel, the 60-player mode seems to be incorporating multiplayer maps from Halo and Halo 2 into the wider drop-zone. 

Take it with a pinch of salt, of course, but these rumours are compelling. Even though the Halo Infinite battle royale mode sounds fascinating, it's still a shame to be waiting so long for the game's DLC. Here's hoping that it's worth it, but for the time being, the wait for "The Endless" seems... endless. 

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