Halo Infinite Sequel Has Already Been Leaked

Halo Infinite Sequel Has Already Been Leaked
Images: 343 Industries

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Joseph Kime


10th Dec 2021 10:18

Even though we haven't had the Halo Infinite campaign for very long, we're already demanding more. Thankfully, 343 Industries could already be planning a Halo Infinite sequel.

We've got some reservations about it that you can see in our review, but for the most part, it's a return to form for Halo that we haven't seen since the days of Halo: Reach. We can't wait for the inevitable Halo to come - but as it turns out, it might already be in development. Lucky us.

Is There A Halo Infinite Sequel?

If the latest rumours are to be believed, the next game in the Halo series could already be in the works to follow on directly from Infinite and the latest chapter in Master Chief's book. 

Reports have emerged, as a new trademark has been revealed for something called Halo: The Endless. Fans are already questioning what this title could be for, and although there's plenty of speculation, no one connected to the trademark has commented.

For obvious reasons, this silence means it has been cast to the fans to decide what it is. So, realistically, what could Halo: The Endless be, and is it a Halo Infinite sequel?

What Is Halo: The Endless?

A lot of fans, reasonably, expect The Endless to be DLC for Infinite - but it's interesting that the trademark doesn't have "infinite" anywhere near it. Equally, this might mean that it's deconfirmed as a free update to the title's multiplayer mode, as often an "endless" mode will come to games to bolster their content.

A lot of players expect this isn't a fully-fledged Halo title, so it could be a spinoff for Infinite. This probably makes the most sense when balancing the lack of "infinite" branding and the title's reveal so soon after the launch of the latest entry.

We had to wait nearly seven years from the release of Halo 5: Guardians until Infinite, so we're not exactly expecting a full-blown Halo Infinite sequel to come bounding out of the gate in 2022. Come on, this isn't Call of Duty.

Of course, we can't possibly know until a proper announcement - but it's nice to see that Halo is far from over. Bring on The Endless.



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