Hades 2's thirsty fandom is putting Baldur’s Gate 3 to shame

Hades 2's thirsty fandom is putting Baldur’s Gate 3 to shame
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Tom Chapman


18th Apr 2024 15:55

Some of you really need to take a cold shower, as it seems it isn't just Hades' fiery temper that is getting Hades 2 players hot under the collar. We never thought of 2018's Hades as a raunchy roguelike, but when it comes to its 2024 sequel, Supergiant Games is seemingly spicing things up. 

The OG Hades followed the twink-like Zagreus as he tried to escape the clutches of his father and live a new life among the gods of Olympus. More than just your typical roguelike loop, Hades was praised for its gorgeous animation style and well-rounded characters.

Hades 2 sets pulses racing

Hades 2 is set to introduce more mythological heartthrobs, and after Supergiant showed off the game's technical test, pulses were racing. With Hades 2 players meeting Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, in the first part of the technical test, it's no surprise that some of you have been falling in love.

From Hecate having abs that every personal trainer would be jealous of, there's also Nemesis as a formidable figure that players are swooning over.  One thirsty Hades 2 fan wrote, "It's horny jail time," while another added, "Save me, hades 2 women, save meeeeee 🫠"

Someone else said, "You know Hades 2 is hitting when the entire timeline is just people sharing pics of the character designs with "awooga" and cartoon wolf eyes." As you can imagine, the artwork is already flying and Rule 34 is in full effect as some pretty NSFW images are doing the rounds.

Given the randy Baldur's Gate 3 fandom and all its bear-f***ery, Hades 2 players look like they're trying to 1-up the competition. Reminding us of that trend where Resident Evil Village fans begged for the towering Lady Dimitrescu to stomp on them, one Hades 2 fan called for Nyx's entire family to step on them.

Hades 2 already has Melinoe simps

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While Zag was the MVP of Hades, it's over to his younger sister this time around. Melinoe is the offspring of Hades and Persephone, trying to seek vengeance in the name of her family. We're not alone in loving strong female characters, and over on the Hades Reddit, Melinoe already has her supporters.

One drooled, "I was a simp from the second the first trailer came out," while another added, "She's so hot god damn." Someone else concluded, "Zagreus hits my horny buttons a lot better than Melinoe does, but Supergiant just doesn't miss with their character design."

Someone else praised Selene as "one of the most beautiful character designs I have ever seen in my life," so it looks like it'll be hard to pick our favourite characters. Suddenly, we imagine there are a lot of people who felt secure in their sexuality that suddenly aren't quite as secure. 

If you want to drool over the new characters of Hades 2, you can officially sign up for its Early Access and take the game for a spin early. 

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