A true gaming heartwarmer.

14:55, 22 Jan 2021

If you rummage through the gaming community and the banter-ish toxicity that sometimes comes with it, you'll likely find some very wholesome and heartwarming gamers. On the surface, gaming can be seen as a nerdy alternative to real-life filled with trolls - or so my mum says - but if you dig a litter deeper, some communities and individuals are shining the torch and doing truly great things.

When these diamonds come along, it's important that we treasure them and let them shine in the public sphere. So, step up Reddit user "ProblyLosingSomehow", who has gone above and beyond to offer his services to his grandfather - a retired pilot. 

After being a pilot for his whole life, the gamers' grandad didn't lose the craving to get behind the wheel of a rocket-powered aircraft upon retiring. With a void in his day-to-day routine, ProblyLosingSomehow purchased a PC and a variety of Virtual Reality gizmos that would allow his grandad to get behind the joystick again and feel the adrenaline rush of a takeoff through Microsoft's Flight Simulator

‘Building’ a desktop set for my grandad to play Microsoft flight simulator 2020. Want to see if these are all good pieces. from r/buildapc

Before he could gift the build to his grandad, ProblyLosingSomehow took to Reddit to enlist the help of the gaming community for help with the finer details stating "I’ve compiled a final list of everything he needs and want to see if anyone can help to make sure I’m not recommending the wrong equipment," in his post.

After a surge of replies, the user added "Wow this kinda blew up more than I expected! Thank you guys all so much! I’ve gotten some mixed replies whether or not everything will work nicely for the flight simulator".


We can only hope for an update in the future on whether the grandad enjoyed his VR flight or not, although we're sure he will. Stay pure, ProblyLosingSomehow.


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Image via Microsoft | Reddit | u/ProbluLosingSomehow

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