Gamers Confused By Mythical White Xbox Series X

Gamers Confused By Mythical White Xbox Series X
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Joseph Kime


26th Sep 2022 08:33

Gaming hardware is in a pretty good spot right now. Though gamers are starting to grow wary that the end of the Nintendo Switch's life cycle is slowly showing itself from over the horizon, we're still fairly fresh to the current gaming generation.

We've got the Xbox Series family and PS5 to keep us busy without us having to worry about their life cycle expiring after just having shelled out for a console. But, there are growing wonders about a potential upgrade for the existing consoles. And it looks like we could be getting one from Xbox very soon.

Is There A White Xbox Series X?

A new model of the Xbox Series X has supposedly appeared in the new advert by Logitech. The ad for the company's ASTRO A30 wireless headset sees a woman repping the peripheral in a room surrounded by gaming consoles, microphones, and controllers that match the all-white aesthetic of the area.

What has surprised fans, is the appearance of an all-white Xbox Series X. The new-gen console has only ever appeared in black, with the Series S being the white member of the console family. This has confused fans, and even excited them, with the ad suggesting that there could be a new model of the Xbox Series X.

It's clearly at least got a new colourway, but it could pack some new hardware too - and fans are growing impatient to see what it all means. Well, we know what it means - but you might not be too happy about it.


Xbox Denies It's Making A White Xbox Series X

In an update given to VGC, Microsoft has made it clear that it's not intending to actually develop a new model of the Xbox Series X. Spoilsports. "The white Xbox Series X console for the promotional video by our partner is not in production," reads the statement. "We have no plans to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time."

It's a shame that the console isn't in the works, because as evidenced by the ad, it's an aesthetically pleasing twist on the original beast. Still, if you want a white Xbox, you could just get an Xbox Series S, we suppose.

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