Fortnite's OG map has Warzone players begging for Verdansk

Fortnite's OG map has Warzone players begging for Verdansk

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Jack Marsh


6th Nov 2023 15:13

Fortnite has pulled off an absolute marketing masterclass as 2023 comes to a close, with record numbers making their way off the Battle Bus and leaving every other FPS game on the starting island.

Just when we thought Fortnite was out of contention as a serious game, Epic Games has rolled out the original map, spinning new and old fans into a frenzy, combining the best of both worlds.

Now, with Fortnite breaking player-count records, smashing the 40 million daily player count, Call of Duty fans are begging for the same treatment.

Call of Duty fans want Verdansk back after seeing Fortnite OG success


Fortnite's OG map return has been a stroke of genius, and after just a handful of hours, Fortnite broke its player count record, smashing the 40 million daily player count.

On the other hand, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone have suffered ahead of the full game launch on November 8. To compare, it took five days for Warzone to hit 25 million players, something that Fortnite did in a single day with its returning map.

Now, Call of Duty fans want Activision to redeploy Verdansk back into Warzone, claiming that it would do comparative numbers and save the game.

Taking to social media, a wealth of high-profile accounts have called for Verdansk's return, including James "JGOD" Godoy, who said, "So bringing back the OG map does numbers, Hopefully Cod is working on Verdansk LOL."

Would Verdansk coming back 'save' Warzone?

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It's worth noting here that Fortnite has had a massive influx of new players since the golden olden days, whereas Warzone's turnover of players hasn't been as successful. Instead, Warzone figures are dropping as players move away from the battle royale, whereas Fortnite was able to sustain itself with a younger demographic.

Many fans have actually argued that Verdansk wasn't even that good, and the eventual (and now guaranteed) return of Rebirth Island would do better.

For now, though, we might be best to look towards the performance of Modern Warfare 3, where the old Modern Warfare 2 maps will be testing the nostalgia charts.

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