Fortnite pros obliterated by Newcastle United players in ludicrous display

Fortnite pros obliterated by Newcastle United players in ludicrous display
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Jack Marsh


16th Nov 2023 13:35

Here's one we didn't quite have on the Fortnite OG bingo card.

Fortnite professional legends Cody "Clix" Conrod and Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson and world-famous streamers Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Darren "iShowSpeed" Watkins have all been jumping out of the battle bus together in front of thousands of fans, rolling back the years as the battle royale enjoys record numbers on the OG map.

Tilted Towers hasn't proved as inviting as they'd have hoped though, and in fact, they've just been demolished at the hands of three professional footballers who enjoyed some shotgun action during the international break.

Newcastle United players show off some serious skills in Fortnite

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With Newcastle United having reached a point in the professional football season where players are being whisked away on international duty, the Magpies trio of Harvey Barnes, Anthony Gordon, and Phil Dummet have all been spotted enjoying a bit of the OG Fortnite map.

Barnes, Gordon, and Dummet have all been left out of their respective international squads, and have been using this downtime to get their griddy on in Retail Row.

Not only have they been grinding a bit of Fortnite though, they actually have some serious talent, and play with Builds on, being so adept with their walls and ramps that they found themselves in the same lobby as FNCS stars Clix and Mongraal (although they might have been carrying some weight).

Newcastle United trio teach Fortnite legends a lesson

There's a certain brute force needed to be adopted into Geordie culture, and it looks like the Newcastle boys are more than up to that task.

While on the outskirts of the Fortnite Map, up near the motel between Lazy Links and Junk Junction, the footballers found themselves in a serious skirmish between three teams, one of which included Mongraal and co.

Harvey Barnes led the action though, first downing Mongraal with a demolishing one-pump to the head, leaving the former FNCS Europe winner in a heap and his jaw on the floor, before proceeding to teabag his fallen foe. 

Anthony Gordon also got himself a number of kills on the third team as the builds began to get higher and higher.

Barnes, Dummett, and a random third player then hunted down xQc and Clix, dealing with the Canadian streamer first and then battling through Clix's edits and builds to finally send the high-profile squad back to the lobby.

iShowSpeed was dead and spectating the whole thing from the get-go, screaming "Harvey Barnes" down the microphone.

Not too shabby for the part-time gamers and full-time athletes.

The football trio will have to take this explosive action into their on-pitch performances too though, with season-defining fixtures on the way against Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain (Champions League), and Manchester United.

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