Fortnite player uses Rocket League car to snag airborne Victory Royale

Fortnite player uses Rocket League car to snag airborne Victory Royale
Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


9th Mar 2023 16:23

Ever since Epic Games acquired Psyonix and subsequently Rocket League, they've been pushing their two main games together, as Fortnite's Llama-A-Rama event made its way over to the Soccar game and a set of wheels soon returned the favour by populating the roads - and the skies - of the battle royale.

But now one player has mastered both.

Not only have they sussed out the ever-growing architecture of Fortnite's build-on mode, but they've also now pulled it together with some swift air-rolls to start snagging victory royales. 

A Fortnite player uses Rocket League Octane to clutch a game-winning kill

TikTokker "t.3262" has recently shared a clip of the gamer using his skill in both games to flex on the Fortnite scene.

Having posted previous clips on both games, showing adeptness on both, the user then took to Fortnite to whip out the Octane in the final 1v1 and crash their opponent out of the arena.


Having fallen from the high ground in the fight *insert Obi-Wan voice*, despite having the upper hand originally, the player falls outside of the storm circle, only to find an Octane at their feet, before quickly taking to the skies again and throwing his bonnet at the final player.

Fortnite players are better at air rolls than Rocket League players

"Bro got demoed", joked one commenter on TikTok, but the post also went viral on Twitter too, with Rocket League stans applauding the convoluted air rolls that he performed to get the Octane so high.

"Whys this guy got better car control than most Rocket League players?", quizzed popular RL community figure TheBopPops. 

Another fan added, "they've definitely had air roll left or right bound".

Finally, it appears that Epic Games has got what they wanted with this crossover being pushed to its peak, and its probably only going to be a matter of time before Fortnite players will be getting their revenge with shockwaves and disco bombs in some kind of Rocket League LTM.
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