Fortnite Player Reaches Level 470 Without Glitches

Fortnite Player Reaches Level 470 Without Glitches
Epic Games

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Tom Chapman


6th Apr 2022 11:56

It's a new season and a new Battle Pass to chug through. It's us versus the Imagined Order in Chapter 3 Season 2, but more than ever, people are complaining about the grind of the Battle Pass. As with any season of Fortnite, we're jumping off the Battle Bus and into action, but this time around, it's another Marvel season as we try to unlock the likes of Prowler and Doctor Strange.

With thousands of XP until we can unlock the final page of the Battle Pass and reach Doc, it might feel like the Sorceror Supreme is in a whole dimension of his own. Someone has found an easy way to grind their way to the top, with someone reaching level 470 in a matter of weeks. 

How Can You Grind The Fortnite Battle Pass?

Although an unfortunately timed war-themed season of Fortnite has raised a few eyebrows, Epic Games has at least donated a small fortune to humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The revamp has pulled us back in, and coupling a new theme with no building means there's a reinvigorated player base rattling through the Battle Pass. If you want to earn some quick XP, it turns out it's easier than you might think.

Fortnite fan LootStation is known for their Battle Pass grind, and now, he's shown how you can also earn a tonne of XP with ease. On April 5, LootStation shared a video proving he's reached level 470 and cleared the Battle Pass alongside all bonus rewards. LootStation claims he doesn't make use of some of the XP glitches you might find floating around, and even more impressively, says they have other commitments to school.

This isn't LootStation's first rodeo, with them smashing their own record back in Chapter 2 Season 8. Sure, level 470 might be wild, but back then, he hit level 2000. Could they really try and top their own record this time around?


How Can You Earn Easy XP In Fortnite?

So, what's his trick? According to LootStation, the Imposters LTM is where he's farming that sweet Fortnite XP. More than just winning Imposters, LootStation makes it his mission to complete the most XP tasks possible. Added to this, he uses his alt account in the lobby to help things along. A lot of fans were impressed by LootStation's levelling, however, others suggest he needs to go outside and touch grass.

In Chapter 3 Season 1, LootStation hit a jaw-dropping level 500, and now, it looks like he'll be matching it soon. Considering how much XP it takes just to reach level 100 - and how the goalposts increase the higher you get - it's hard to wrap your head around just how wild this feat of XP farming really is. It looks like Epic needs to create a whole new Battle Pass just for LootStation and the other grinders.


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