Fortnite player discovers ‘fatal’ Fatal Fields glitch

Fortnite player discovers ‘fatal’ Fatal Fields glitch
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Harry Boulton


20th Nov 2023 16:45

It seems like Fatal Fields in Fortnite isn't just deadly in name alone, as a glitch is perhaps more threatening to your success than any other player you might encounter.

There's nothing worse than dying to a glitch in a game, but it's even more painful in a battle royale when falling in combat results in a complete game over. One player has unfortunately found a rather powerful blade of grass on the plains of Fatal Fields though, putting out a warning to any players who might cross the area in the future.

Don't aim for the bushes

The return of the OG map in Fortnite has brought a huge amount of excitement to the game, as it lets us all relive our memories from classic areas all over again.

One such area is Fatal Fields, but as reported by GameRant, user u/WalmartGreder on Reddit has found the deadliest blade of grass on the entire map. They were walking around and collecting some dropped items when their character was suddenly vanquished and sent back to the menu screen, with the words 'You Eliminated Yourself' emblazoned at the top of the screen.

What seems to have caused their untimely demise was not a player, nor was it of their own doing, but simply the chaotic evil energy embued within the grass of Fatal Fields - or maybe it was just a nasty bug, who knows.

More than a callback

Image of Fatal Fields in Fortnite OG
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It seems like this appearing within the Fortnite OG map brings back more memories than Epic might have predicted, as death glitches were quite common in the good old days.

One commenter states that this is "just like the real Chapter 1 map. At certain points in Chapter 1, I remember there being about 5 insta death areas just like this." So this might perhaps be a bit of nostalgia that many players would have been happy to see left behind.

Another person seems to relish in these bugs, detailing that they "remember dropping loot in those areas as an attempt to trick someone into walking into it." Turns out some are more devilish than we'd expect - although perhaps this is the new meta you can use to emerge victorious in your games this season.

Who would have known that not touching grass is really the most effective tactic for pro gamers out there, after all?

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