Fortnite Lord Of The Rings Crossover Possibly Teased By Epic

Fortnite Lord Of The Rings Crossover Possibly Teased By Epic
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Joseph Kime


23rd Aug 2022 08:42

The Lord of the Rings is set to make a big comeback in the next few months... and it's about time. Even though Embracer Group just bagged the rights for the fantasy giant, it's still going ahead with its whopping new series The Rings of Power.

The Rings of Power is a show that has the strength to topple Game of Thrones as the fantasy title of the moment, even despite the arrival of House of the Dragon. And now - as The Lord of the Rings returns to pop culture - fans are expecting it to land in Fortnite.

Is The Lord Of The Rings Coming To Fortnite?

Fans think that The Lord of the Rings will be making its way to Fortnite, and many reckon that they've already found a tease for it in-game. Be warned though, it's a bit of a reach. If we did see hobbits jumping off the Battle Bus though, expect fans to be splashing their V-bucks on a Gandalf skin.

The suggestion has been made by fans on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of one of the Fortnite beaches. Basically, some think that a particular sandcastle resembles the iconic Helm's Deep. You might remember the locale from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

It does look similar to Helm's Deep to a degree, but man, it's a stretch. It wouldn't be particularly surprising to see The Rings of Power appear given Fortnite's massive part in pop culture, but this sandcastle "tease" might be a bit much. Despite this, there are clues that The Lord of the Rings will come to another game.


Is MultiVersus Getting A LOTR Crossover?

With Warner Bros' stakes in MultiVersus, it'd certainly be no shock to hear that The Lord of the Rings is coming to the free-to-play fighter - but it's actually been teased for a while. Early leaks for the brutal brawler suggested before we even know about the arrival of Rick and Morty that Gandalf would appear as a fighter.

We're yet to see any in-game proof of Gandalf but leaks so far have proven to be correct, so who knows, the wily wizard could surprise us very soon. It's nice that The Lord of the Rings is getting its long overdue time back in the spotlight - but this Helm's Deep crossover might not be the one. Sorry, nerds, back to the upcoming Eminem crossover.

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