Fortnite has bad news for Travis Scott fans

Fortnite has bad news for Travis Scott fans
Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


18th May 2023 13:05

Although it hasn't been in the store for nearly three years, the Travis Scott Fortnite skin remains one of the most popular collaborations of all time - up there with John Wick.

Following on from the groundbreaking Astronomical concert, the Travis Scott bundle has never returned to the Fortnite store, leaving fans of the rap artist quite perplexed.

So, after constant badgering from the players and fake comments from the 'Epic Games CEO', Fortnite has updated the community about the return, or lack of return, of the Travis Scott skin.

Fortnite debunks Epic Games 'CEO' comments regarding Travis Scott's skin

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With a new Fortnite season on the horizon, there are plenty of leaks and rumours about what will be arriving in the store. Although a Spider-Gwen NPC is set to land with more web-shooting content, Travis Scott is still nowhere to be seen. It's been over 1,100 days since he was last available.

But fans were sent into a frenzy as a 'fake' Tim Sweeney account took to a Fortnite YouTube live stream to claim that the skin "won't be coming back." Having come from an account that was added to the official modding list for the live stream, fans immediately thought this was the real Epic Games CEO.

However, the gargantuan publisher took to Twitter to debunk this comment, saying, "These comments were made from a fake account and we are working with YouTube to get it taken down."

Epic Games refuse to discuss re-releasing Travis Scott Fortnite bundle

Despite debunking the myth that Travis Scott's skin will "not" be coming to Fortnite again, Epic Games outright refused to discuss its possibility, saying, "We don't share future plans when it comes to the Item Shop."

Scott's MIA skin comes after the "Out West" emote was pulled from the Fortnite store. It came in the wake of the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival where eight people were killed and hundreds were injured at the crammed concert. 

Epic has been hard at work moving on from the Astronomical event, continuing its work with new and fresher collaborations, such as the current sexy Anakin skin that Star Wars fans are losing their minds over.

Some have taken this as quite a promising sign, with the phrasing of "when" indicating that it still could arrive and leaving the door open to Travis Scott's return.

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