Former OWL players prevail in OWCS Swiss Stage

Former OWL players prevail in OWCS Swiss Stage
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Sascha Heinisch


4th Mar 2024 16:45

The North American and European Overwatch Champion Ship Series has concluded the Swiss stage of the tournament, finding 16 competing teams each for the two regions for the Group Stage. The quality of former Overwatch League players largely prevailed with many recognisable names still competing in the new format.

EMEA & NA participants

While the Asian regions are already in their Group Stage phase, North America and EMEA had catching up to do over the last week, finally starting regional play finding the participating teams of its own GSL stage groups through a Swiss open bracket format.

Playing nine matches in total in both regions, only the Toronto Defiant in NA and Twisted Minds in EMEA remained undefeated throughout the bracket. The participating teams (and their former Overwatch League players) are:

North America

Group A 

Toronto Defiant (MER1T, Sugarfree, SOMEONE, Rupal)




Group B

Maryville University (k1ng, Danteh, False, Joobi, Lukemino)

WD40 (Seeker, MirroR, Lyar, MCD)

Timeless Obsidian (Dove)

Shikigami Hikari

Group C

M80 (Hydron, Pelican, Spectra, Hawk, Lep, Ultraviolet, Renko)

Timeless (Opener, Cjay)

Dreamland (Aniyun)


Group D


Beluga’s Platoon (Halo)

Paragon Onyx

Pirates in Pyjamas


Group A

Team Peps (Hybrid, Naga, BenBest, FDGoD)

Quick Esports (Daan, Shax)

Twisted Minds (KSAA, kellex, Skairipa)


Group B

OwlSprayCheck (Kai, kevster, Sauna, LHCloudy, Vestola, Masaa)

Nu.age (sharP, Doge)


Sheer Cold

Group C

LeftRightGnight (Admiral, Lethal)

Roc Esports (Checkmate, Izayaki)

Ex Oblivione (sHockWave)

AOMA Esports

Group D

Spacestation Gaming (SparkR, Backbone, Seicoe, Haid, FunnyAstro, Landon)

Raspberry Racers



OWL quality prevails, but newcomers are emerging

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Of the 110 players qualified in the North American region, 28 (~25%) have had active Overwatch League contracts at some point during the franchise League's life cycle. A similar pattern showed in EMEA, with 28 (~27%) former OWL players of the 103 competitors making it into Group Stage.

With OWCS, the ruleset had enforced a soft region lock, allowing teams only to have two non-resident players for the respective region on their roster at any given time. Here a crucial difference showed in only Roc Esports’ Checkmate and Izayaki assuming import slots in the EMEA region as opposed to the six former OWL South Koreans in the North American region.

Looking across the regions, the concentration of former OWL talent expectedly remained in the Korean region, with 41 of the 54 (~76%) qualified players having had an active OWL contract at one point. Team Falcons' super-team lineup 

The Group Stage kicks off this Friday at 6 pm CET / 12 pm EST for EMEA with the North American broadcast picking up at 10 pm CET / 4 pm EST. 

Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch is a Senior Esports Journalist at GGRecon. He's been creating content in esports for over 10 years, starting with Warcraft 3.

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