Forget Odyssey 2, fans want Mario Sunshine sequel

Forget Odyssey 2, fans want Mario Sunshine sequel
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18th May 2023 17:17

Much like the underrated The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker being an underrated GameCube classic, there should be a lot more love for 2002's Super Mario Sunshine. Being sandwiched between icons Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy did Sunshine no favours, but still, it's a typically ambitious Mario romp.

We're a little starved of Mario right now, and while Super Mario Odyssey goes down as one of the franchise's best when it served as a flagship title for Nintendo Switch, it's now six years later, and there's no sign of a sequel. For some, forget New Donk City, we want to go back to Delfino Plaza.

Fans demand a Mario Sunshine sequel

Why Super Mario Sunshine deserves a sequel
by u/Startled_Pancakes in gaming

Over on Reddit, there was a strong argument for why we need a Super Mario Sunshine sequel. Currently boasting over 4.3k upvotes, it's clear there's plenty of love for this tropical treat. The OP isn't alone in missing the holiday aesthetic and wiping goop off the floor in an oddly therapeutic way. 

We quickly abandoned the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (F.L.U.D.D.) as we shot for the stars with Super Mario Galaxy on Wii, but Sunshine had some genuinely brilliant features. From riding around a theme park to chasing Shadow Mario, there was a lot to adore. 

One supporter cheered, "Except for the genius that was Galaxy, no other Mario game has come close to Sunshine in my book. It was just such a nice setting," while another joked, "I liked Sunshine. He was Power Wash Simulator before there was Power Wash Simulator."

A third gushed, "Glad to see the recognition. From day 1 I loved Sunshine and never understood how the pure joy of the game could be ignored. It was tough in places, but such a great world to get lost in." Sadly, our hopes of a Sunshine sequel are likely washed down the drain.

Super Mario Sunshine has already had its day

Super Mario Sunshine GameCube
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Despite its divisive legacy, Super Mario Sunshine was brought back into the fold by Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Although only a limited release, the title collected a terrific trio of Super Mario 64Sunshine, and Galaxy

Sunshine's reimagined controls were praised as an improvement for All-Stars, but unfortunately, it's probably resigned to being part of a collection rather than getting a new-gen revamp or sequel. We've since had the 20th anniversary of Sunshine come and go without even a whimper.

Much like it would be weird to release Mario Galaxy 3 now, we can't imagine a world where the next game isn't Mario Odyssey 2. Still, imagine an even bigger open-world setting where we can visit Isle Delfino and catch up with F.L.U.D.D. Maybe one day.

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