Fans Hyped For A Campaign After Modern Warfare 2 Early Access Guaranteed

Fans Hyped For A Campaign After Modern Warfare 2 Early Access Guaranteed
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


17th Aug 2022 16:26

The past few Call of Duty campaigns has not lived up to those classic and nostalgic stories that we were blessed with a decade ago. No campaign in recent years has pulled players away from the multiplayer experience like that from Modern Warfare 1 and 2. But with Infinity Ward bringing the old crew back to the foray of Call of Duty action again in the reimagined Modern Warfare 2, people are finally excited about the campaign again.

Task Force 141 is back in Modern Warfare 2, bringing back timeless protagonists like Captain Price, Ghost, and even possibly Modern Warfare 2019 duo Alex and Farah to combat some rather familiar foes

But for the first time ever, you'll actually be able to complete the campaign before losing ground on multiplayer, and fans are loving it.

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early Access Confirmed

In a bid to get players familiar with the gunplay and some of the main protagonists in the Modern Warfare 2 era, Infinity Ward has announced that players will get one week of free access to the single-player mode before the full game is brought out.

The news came shortly before the Warzone 2 release date was confirmed, with Infinity Ward saying players who pre-order the game will get "Up to one week of early access to the full Modern Warfare II Campaign".

The offer does only come to those who pre-order the game though, although people are loving the diverse experience. 


Players Love Modern Warfare 2's Early Access Changes

"This is a great change," claimed long-time Call of Duty advocate Jack "Courage" Dunlop. This comes as the first time the Campaign has preceded the multiplayer portion of the game, likely giving players ample opportunity to complete the missions before diverting to Free-For-All and Hardpoint.

You might also be able to sneak in some All Ghillied Up 2 gameplay, following a sneak preview from the developers.

"This is such a smart decision. We usually can’t enjoy the campaign 'cause we feel like we need to hop on multiplayer right away!" added Minnesota ROKKR content creator Ariel "Smixie". 

Players hoping to get an early multiplayer experience will be able to do so through the beta in September, where it's rumoured the full gunsmith will be open to players. 

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