Fans claim Roblox Call of Duty clone is ‘more fun’ than MW2

Fans claim Roblox Call of Duty clone  is ‘more fun’ than MW2
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27th Jun 2023 17:25

Although Call of Duty remains one of the biggest gaming franchises on the planet, both MW2 and Warzone 2 receive a huge amount of criticism from their players.

For them, there are countless problems that the devs need to address instead of focusing on Operator skins, store blueprints, and the Battle Pass.

So, when these fans see another FPS game that looks extremely similar to CoD that actually appears to be "more fun," it causes a lot of frustration.

Well, that's exactly what happened recently after clips of Riotfall went viral, except it took players by surprise when they realised it was a Roblox game.

CoD fans argue Roblox FPS looks 'more fun' than MW2

Clips of the Roblox game Riotfall have gone viral recently, especially after the FPS community was shocked about how similar it looks to Call of Duty.

However, there are elements of the title that players actually believe look "more fun" than MW2 and WZ2, including "better movement" and "visibility." This isn't the first time CoD fans have been surprised by Roblox, with another FPS from the title Frontlines garnering attention back in February.

While all of these games are strong alternatives for shooter players, it's worth noting that the biggest issue for these Roblox games is usually performance. As they're not as well optimised as CoD, they often require a powerful PC to run well, and even then, you may still run into problems.

Either way, the clip certainly impressed a lot of CoD fans, with one even questioning, "Wait, why does this game look so good?"

Has Riotfall been fully released on Roblox?

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Currently, Riotfall is in early beta. According to the devs, they're only "just beginning" their journey into improving the title.

While new features will likely be in the pipeline, there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the performance of the game, so this will certainly be a focus for Rodeo Interactive.

Despite this, if you’re bored of Call of Duty and are looking for a change of pace, the Riotfall beta is well worth checking out.

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